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bricked LGL55C Optimus Q phoneSupport

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  1. skinnygramma

    skinnygramma New Member

    I need help getting my Optimus Q LGL55C phone unbricked. I had successfully rooted my phone and ran a backup with Titanium but the next day I was doing something not really sure what, but I think I was backing up all my files to load a different ROM when it crashed.

    All I get now it the LG screen and then the Trackphone Logo. It just keeps rebooting to those two screens.

    I have tried alot of different suggestions without success. I just bought an SC card reader and don't know what the next step is.

    I have my backup files on the SD card so I think I should be able to recover my phone.

    Please, please help!!

  2. bllckryn

    bllckryn New Member

    my best bet would ask the same question at Android Area51 in the chat

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