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Support Bricked merit

  1. cell2011

    cell2011 Well-Known Member

    I tried the speed freak 1.3 and forgot to partition now im stuck at the upside clockwork recovery. How can i get back to stock recovery? Or is there anything i can do in clockwork? I was also low on memory what is a good partition and swap? Please need help at least to get my phone back on. I have a 4gb card do i just partition to 1024 and OM?

  2. cell2011

    cell2011 Well-Known Member

    Why does it take forever to partition is there something wrong?
  3. cell2011

    cell2011 Well-Known Member

    Need help before phone dies?
  4. cell2011

    cell2011 Well-Known Member

    stuck on zte screen. All i have is clockwork recovery and i cant seem to do anything. Ive tried to partition and format everything nothing works
  5. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    Do you have your old ROM?

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