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  1. money15

    money15 Well-Known Member

    I really didnt know that this was possible but when i put my card in my phone it says it needs to be formatted but cant...and when i put it in my computer it says to format it but i cant...says it is write protected which it isnt...its a 32gb sandisk anybody know anything about this?

  2. money15

    money15 Well-Known Member

    nevermind did some more reading and pretty sure i am f**ked.....and definitely sure im f**king pist.....gggggrrrrrrrrrr

    guess time for a new card

    Called sandisk and sending me a new one pheww
  3. money15

    money15 Well-Known Member

    and there sending me a class 10 instead of a class 6...sometimes things work out :)

    Moderators can delete this thread since its pretty stupid lol
  4. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Well-Known Member Developer

    could have formatted it, if it wasnt read as locked. the file system was locked down and neither the computer or the phone would allow formatting. mind you, there were still a few options but calling them and not only getting a brand new card, but an upgraded version as well, worked out alot better than fighting with it
    if anyone runs into a problem similar, there are things you can check, first of all, you must make sure that when plugging it into a computer to format it, if you are using a micro to full size sd adapter, there is most likely a lock switch on the adapter, micro sd cards do not have the ability to be locked though as full size do, so that would most likely be a major file system error. there is always the possibility of deleting the partition and creating a new one, or just fixing the partition tables, things of that nature using disk management built into windows or a third party tool. also, cwm has partitioning and formatting options that use a less picky approach than the actual android os. imagine you tell two guys to go into a room that has no doors or windows or means of access of any kind, where android would tell you it cant, cwm would be more likely to just go crashing through the wall. also if you had created a partition on there, swap or ext or whatever, it would have had to modify the partition tables, which in turn could very well have rewritten everything and fixed your whole issue. but like i said, in this instance, calling them worked out much better

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