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Bricked my Epic4g

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  1. bdt52

    bdt52 New Member

    Thanks so much in advance for any time and help!

    I have bricked my Epic4g running EI22, honestly, in attempt to root the phone. I was following YouTube instructions from QBKing77 (gives very detailed instructions which I followed and has lots of good comments, so must be specific to my phone/experience) and was on the step of using Odin to upload ACSRecovery when Oden reported as FAIL! and my phone now will only turn on to a screen with an exclimation point in a triange sign between a phone and computer symbol. When I use camera+volume+power it again only turns onto this screen. I attempted to reset the phone to factory settings but Odin again will only report back with FAIL! message when trying to load factory pit and tar files, as Odin will not upload anything at this point and is not working. Today I purchased a new USB and using a different cable as well as deleting and redownloading all involved software and files have not helped. Sprint refused to reset the phone (understandibily so..) and I am on the verge of putting in an insurance claim and dropping the $100 for a new one but was wondering if the pros here had any recommendations.

    I actually went to the RadioShack in the mall (before I went to Sprint) and the associate recommended I check out this site.

    Thanks again,

  2. bdt52

    bdt52 New Member

    Should have noted the phone will boot into download mode with 1+power buttons but as mentioned Odin reports FAIL! on any attempts to do anything and phone restarts with previously mentioned error display. Thanks..
  3. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    Welcome to AF :D

    I am going off of reading some other threads. Try reinstalling your drivers to see if that helps, that appears to resolve the issues sometimes from what I can tell. Hopefully someone with your phone will see your posts and can give you some futher advise.
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  4. bestcee

    bestcee New Member

    Was the memory card in or out? I can't help much (just rooted my phone last night), but I had read to take the memory card out, so I did.
    You may also want to poke around xda-developers forum.
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  5. icecold

    icecold Well-Known Member

    Is Odin even recognizing the phone? You may want to try something as easy as a different computer.

    What OS do you have on the computer you attempted to use ODIN on?
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  6. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Is your Firewall on ? Did you try Odin on another PC or another USB Port ?.I wore out three USB ports with odin :D ;) .Try another port and switch off firewall .
    Please mention OS as icecold said .
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  7. bdt52

    bdt52 New Member

    Thanks all for the replies. I'm at work and can't do anything with it now, and just received my replacement phone today but I would like to know where I went wrong and as dumb as it sounds am still considering rooting the new one although I probably won't..

    *I have reinstalled the drivers twice while trying to work through it.
    *My operating system is Windows 7 (Starter).
    *The memory card was IN, with the needed files for root and rom I was going to use (now that I think about it, this may have been an issue but I didn't see harm in having the files on there ready to go as long as I didn't use them before the step.)
    *Odin did recognize my phone and allowed me to put on the first kernal which was needed because I have EI22 (video indicated this as the first step if I had Gingerbread). The firewall is on.

    In the instructions I was following it didn't mention to take the card out I didn't even think of it. Maybe that is where I went wrong..

    Thanks again
  8. amberb53

    amberb53 Well-Known Member

    I'm relatively new at this as well but as long as you were getting SOMETHING on your screen you weren't "bricked". There was likely a way out of where you were but if you already got your replacement it doesn't really matter anymore. A similiar thing happend to me while rooting, I thought Odin was done and I unplugged my phone prematurely. I had nothing on my screen, wouldn't boot up at all, but the screen was on...just black. Doing a battery pull while holding download +1 somehow miraculously put it into download mode and I was able to recover. Sounds to me like you had a bad file somewhere if I had to guess. What boxes did you have checked in Odin?

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