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bricked my lg gt540 android please help me PLEASE

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  1. drgreenz

    drgreenz New Member

    :(im pretty good with gadgets lol,i installed a program called cynogen i think or somthing sounding likethat ?????, a rooting program, and then intalled a graphics accelerator, and it dont come on it stays on the lg icon screen, i am proper gutted, i need to roll it back or re-install the android os from scratch tryed hard resetting it it i think, what can i do

  2. danaj

    danaj Well-Known Member

    Did you make a backup before doing any of these changes? Do you have recovery? If so just boot into recovery and restore your back up.
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  3. drgreenz

    drgreenz New Member

    i cant acess phone at all just dont pass lg icon how do i boot into recovery, can i install android os all over again clean installation
  4. drgreenz

    drgreenz New Member

    dont think i have a backup
  5. danaj

    danaj Well-Known Member

    You should always have recovery before you flash or modify anything. try taking the battery out and put it back in, then try to hold the volume up button the send button and turn the phone on...see if that works
  6. Delsus

    Delsus Well-Known Member

    To check if you have recovery installed hold the home button and switch it on, keep holding the home button through the LG screen, and if you have recovery it should show, then you can go to backup and restore, if it shows a backup then restore it.

    If not switch the phone off, plug it into your PC though USB, then hold the camera button as you switch it on (keep holding through the LG screen again) and you will hopefully get either a black screen or a blue one with commands on, if you do you are in fastboot and you can reflash Cyanogen mod.

    If you were trying to install cyanogenMod, which is a custom version of android (not a rooting program) you should already have the files.

    Finally if you dont get into fastboot you will need to reflash through KDZ updater lemme know if you will need to so I can talk you through that.
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  7. master-king

    master-king Active Member

    is there any way to recover a game data that had my phone ???? suddenly my bt stop working then fix permisions then boom now it doesnt want to work im getting tired with this
  8. buchki

    buchki New Member

    i tried all of the above but didnt get through any of them.... could u plz help me out guys
  9. longas

    longas New Member

    I found problem was drivers windows 7 64. All that Ive done uninstall fastboot driver was corrupted and reinstall again. :)

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