Bricked.. no recovery mode, bootloader mode.... freezing at boot logo..Support

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    May 24, 2012
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    It is strange thing happened to my mobile..
    Today while I was playing with mobile... I installed some applications may be around 15 to 20.( I have only "ADW Launcher" which has converted to system application with Link2SD. I deleted the native launcher long ago). When I restarted my phone it did not start.
    It freezed at default viewsonic boot loop mode...
    So I thought to share my problem on then I found that a update for V350T.
    Then I thought to flash with new firmware "rooted 5057_4_39C_R" ROM.
    Viewsonic V350T (Viewphone 3) firmware 5057_4_39C with and without rootaccess (no SUT necessary) .
    It went well .. it showed update upto 14% like that and it has started new boot logo " ViewSonic V350 quitely brilliant" caption and freezes.
    I pulled out battery many times.. tried to put into recovery mode.. but no luck..
    It only freezes at boot logo.. and does not boot at all... And strangely now even I can not enter into Recovery or Bootloader.
    It is like a " move from frying pan to fire"
    could anybody give me a good resolution please...?

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