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Bricked Samsung Intercept for Sprint (flashed to Boost)Support

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  1. pmains

    pmains New Member

    I bought a Samsung Intercept a few months ago that now appears to be more or less bricked. I was using my Twitter app, when the phone froze. After waiting for a while, I took the battery out. Now, when my phone boots up, it says that it has 0.00B of available space in "Internal phone storage." I don't see any of my apps. The lack of storage prevents me from installing Astro File Manager (to back up my data and system folders) or Universal Androot. When I try to access the phone using ADB as root, it tells me that the root user doesn't exist. So, I'm in an infinite loop trying to root the phone.

    When I boot into recovery, I get ClockWorkMod v recovery. I look in file manager, and all of the APKs for my apps are there. I go to Backup/Restore, and select TAR backup for both my system and data folder. I don't know where these TARs are located, though. I would like to be able to verify that these are on my SD card before flashing my phone.

    Also, when I flash my phone, I'm not really sure how to do that part. As noted above, I don't appear to have root privileges and any new apps I try to install won't install due to the lack of space. (ADB says that I have 30% of my system partition available.)

    Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

  2. pmains

    pmains New Member

    Hi guys,

    I did a factory reset after performing a tar backup of data and system from recovery mode. Following this, I could see all of my old apps, but not my contacts. This wouldn't be an issue, except that I seem to be missing some important contacts that didn't get synced with gmail for whatever reason.

    Luckily, I had my old phone sitting on the shelf with all of my missing contacts.

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