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  1. Rockindad

    Rockindad Member

    I can't believe I am having to ask this but oh well. First a little phone background. I have had my Proclaim for about 8 months. Rooted it by following YouTube video. Had Superuser Elite, Cerberus Anti-theft, Set CPU, System Tuner Pro. Never could do a recovery. Was trying to find one and learn about it all.
    Everything had been absolutely wonderful, that is until I started messing around with fonts in Rom Toolbox Pro. In a nutshell after trying "Bloody" font install I hit "Re-Boot" and all it did after that WAS re-boot, over and over, etc...
    I have tried Flashing stock and rooted kernels in Odin, "fail". (It is how I rooted in first place with never a problem) I have tried "One Click"" UN-brick" (Never could find drivers, even though I had them installed to ROOT in the first place. FAIL
    My question is What, (if anything), can I do to fix the OS madness I have inflicted on my poor phone, my little buddy, my weather man, direction finder, You know the picture. I have looked everywhere for the "Stock" hardware, firmware, OS or whatever with no luck for this specific phone.
    Thanks in advance for any understanding and help. We are poor lol or I'd be tempted to just trash it and get another one, but then we couldn't learn together how to fix this problem I guess. :confused:

  2. Rockindad

    Rockindad Member

    I guess I will just go get another one. :( Can't afford it but gotta have my phone. Still be good to continue this with the other one for others and future problems. If we could figure this out together it could help MANY :) I am willing if you are. Plus I can sell it if I can fix it.

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