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  1. djflex1987

    djflex1987 New Member

    i have a t-mobile vibrant, it was rooted with team whiskey before i got it, i tried to install stock rom and now its stock on vibrant screen. the three button trick doesnt work, phone just keeps on restarting and refuses to go into menu, ive even tried to plug it into the computer... any ideas? please help, i just got this phone =[

  2. mcflasher

    mcflasher Member

    Try to take off battery for 3 min. And the try to install the ROM again but make sure due data factory reset wipe cache and dalvik cache before install the new ROM
  3. kacol16

    kacol16 Well-Known Member

  4. djflex1987

    djflex1987 New Member

    that worked, thank you very much =]
  5. bbrown0179

    bbrown0179 New Member

    I have a galaxy vibrant tmobile tried flashing rom now just sticks on vibrant screen wont go into recovery but gets into download mode was on cm7 with newest trigger mod. Tried using nexus drivers cm7 drivers nothing helps it to get connected to computer any ideas greatly appreciated
  6. bbrown0179

    bbrown0179 New Member

    I have a vibrant was on cm7 didn't like it so tried flashing another rom now stuck on vibrant screen wont go into recovery just dl mode Odin wont pick it up tried nexus drivers Samsung and cm7 drivers nothing helps

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