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  1. CaseyLynn317

    CaseyLynn317 New Member

    So I tried to root my phone lastnight. And was backing up the rom. I think that was the last thing I did. Well anyways, I hit yes to give it permissions or whatever and my screen immediately went black. Its unresponsive, won't turn on, won't charge. Nothing. I'm hoping someone can tell me there is still hope for that phone. I popped the sd card into my laptop, and the computer still read it... Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!! :) Casey

  2. jfuginay

    jfuginay Well-Known Member

    Read my thread about rooted and tethered cricket phone. The only reason I was able to figure out that technique is because I bricked my vitality.

    It will restore a bricked vitality.
  3. Mussoni

    Mussoni New Member

    jfuginay, I picked up a vitality yesterday and I have read how you rooted and recieved tethering abilities. I am having trouble, can I ask you for some assistance? I've read a lot of different ways to do this, but still can't get it. Could be because like now, I'm on my neighbor's connection that is at 22%. Very slow to download.
    Some advice would be great, Thank you.
  4. greasemonky

    greasemonky Well-Known Member

    What exactly are you having trouble with? Rooting or tethering? Please be more specific. jfuginay did a good job explaining how to do it. You can try following the steps under the amire all things root as they are exactly the same phone. Or post back with a little more specific detail.
  5. Mussoni

    Mussoni New Member

    I want to tether. From what I have read, rooting the phone to be able to do this is the best way. If its not a hassle, will you email insructions to my email address I gave above? I thought getting this Vitality would be a good idea as long as I could tether or hotspot.
    Thanks for your help.
  6. reenoip1

    reenoip1 Member

    search google for oneclick or 1click unbrick it will unbrick samsung phones

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