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  1. jbanti

    jbanti Active Member

    Hy Frendz. Last Nite I Installed CWMMANAGER n Whn i select back up then my phone rebooted mean only seen samsung modle logo then its switch off.
    Nw its Not s starting..

  2. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    What Bootloader are you using (Gingerbread or Froyo )
    and What ClockworkMod recovery are you using ?

    CWM and CWManager works only on CyanogenMod ROM .

    Also CWM backup doesnt work on rfs ROMs like Stock or Arkas.

    Reflashing to stock ROM will work .
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  3. jbanti

    jbanti Active Member

    Bro im using android 2.2. & i installd cwmmanger.apk due to ths my phone is off...
    Bro whr can i get stock rom for 551..
    Whc stuff is needed 4 flashing n how to do it..?
  4. Soori

    Soori Member

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  5. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

  6. Androidshek

    Androidshek Well-Known Member

    Hey Guys,

    Recently my phone has stopped working and the worst part i don't know how.....

    i installed the app Mobile ODIN Pro from market and it said that the device is not supported and wanted to dump something so that it makes the device did it and created a log....

    After that, when i restarted the phone it didn't start..and then i flashed a different ROM from ODIN....

    Now, its not going in downloading mode.....

    plz help me.
  7. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Wrong on both counts
    Mobile Odin is based on the ClockworkMod Recovery .Unless you submit details of Working CWM and the system dump to Chainfire ,he wont even attempt to support it .And Basically it wont work .

    No. 2
    What "ROM " you flashed on what phone on what Bootloader ?
    Froyo ROMs wont work on GB Bootloader and vice versa
    ROMs of other phones will brick the device .

    Give EXACT details of what you flashed on what OS (Froyo or GB ) and then I can tell what kind of brick it is .
  8. jbanti

    jbanti Active Member

    Tx bro..
    TX BRO..
  9. Androidshek

    Androidshek Well-Known Member

    I didn't flashed the CWM recovery..i was going to flash it but before that i installed the app and it did some dumping and when i restarted the phone it didn't start........

    No. 2
    I was on stock ROM....and was trying to flash all the available ROMs for the phone....but everytime the phone didn't start....
    And, the finally i falshed the stock ROM [i don't remember the file], after that my phone didn't went to download mode.....:confused:

    Guess i have to enter through USB Jig.....
  10. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Then give in warranty .Thats the best thing you can do . You will get it back in a month's time or three days depending on your service centre .

    That's plain recklessness . You cant just go on multiple flashing without any thought .
    Stock ROM means you were on Froyo .
    USB jig only works if you have the Bootloader intact .
    If the "stock ROM " corrupted the bootloader then your phone is dead .

    Did you try removing Battery and ,SIM card SD card and attach phone to USB ?
    Did you try emergency download mode e+power ?

    Also I dont trust any site except for stock ROM cos chances of bootloader corruption are more on other sites .
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  11. jbanti

    jbanti Active Member

    bro today i sended my little android to samsung custmr im worried abt my
    Bro they know its rooted or not?
  12. Androidshek

    Androidshek Well-Known Member

    I don't know about the bootloader,i flashed a different one and i don't know it is works.....

    I tried removing everything and restarting the phone..but it didn't worked...

    Also, my emergency download mode is working..ARM v9 mode....q+power....
    Can this thing fix the phone????:confused:
  13. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Try flashing in emergency download mode and see if odin detects it .

    USB jig will work anyway if you can find one .
  14. Androidshek

    Androidshek Well-Known Member u know where to find the usbjig???
    any site or somehing....
  15. Sunnythunder

    Sunnythunder Member

    Hi! Droids,

    Please could you tell me on how to root my Samsung Galaxy Ace with Android version 2.3.4
    What are the positives of rooting and negatives?
  16. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

  17. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    This is the All Things root thread for Galaxy Ace
    Positives :
    Complete control of device ,
    Use techniques like a2sd+
    Underclock/Overclock under certain conditions

    Can Brick Phones if you dont know what you are doing
    Can damage the phone if you dont know what you are doing
    Voids the warranty of phone .
  18. wolvgank

    wolvgank Member

    did odin can flash with emergency download mode?
    I have tried it n stuck at setup connection.
  19. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Not really doesn't work for me either. Emergency download is useless ....
  20. wolvgank

    wolvgank Member

    hahaha I think u even try it .. lol..
    I think the emergency download mode can access via kies.. but I don't have high speed connection.. lol..

    what about your callisto ? did it repaired?
    or u have another android?
  21. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    I will try it with "kies" :eek:
    my callisto is still bricked .stupid useless samsung .
    currently using xperia mini pro...
  22. wolvgank

    wolvgank Member

    well.. goodluck with your XMP..
    maybe I will buy that too if my callisto cannot ressurected..
  23. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Lol I like my callisto since its my first android .xpm is far superior in many fronts ...
    Will try to repair callisto if possible within 30-40$.else its too much of hassle ..
  24. wolvgank

    wolvgank Member

    really hope if your callisto can ressurect.
    bcause I want perseus S to be improved.. that is the my last rom before mine is bricked.. lol ..

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