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  1. Spudster

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    I have heard of the risk of Android tablets/phones bricking?
    So what causes them to brick? Can it brick itself? I use to have a rooted android tablet but I reinstalled the original firmware since I Was scared of the tablet bricking, The tablet is the only thing the supplies internet at home and via 3/4G.

    Can rooting brick it if you only install one trusted application that only needs root access? Im unrooted now. Recently Telstra/Samsung launched The new Firmware Update ICS it was in the middle of doing the upgrade until it froze I turned of the device without no choice, For 3 minutes the device wouldn

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  3. Spudster

    Spudster Active Member

    Why is it only staff Reply?
  4. nuismer

    nuismer Active Member

    I am certainly not an expert on rooting. I have rooted only two of my many tablets. But from long reading and experimenting maybe i can answer what I know. Makers of Tablets hide important parts of the operating system so an ordinary user can't screw everything up and make the tablet unstable. When you root a tablet, you can lose that protection. Now you can see and remove and move files that are important to the operation of the tablet. I somehow did that to one of my tablets (I don't know how it happened). But it was a soft-brick and I was able to do a system restore and saved it (But I lost all my Apps and data). I think unless you are really into new systems and will spend the time and risk, you are better off not rooting a Tablet. That's my two cents.
  5. Spudster

    Spudster Active Member

    I rather stay unrooted to prevent bricking.

    Heres another thread

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