Bricking wile rooting

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  1. ultrafastphil

    ultrafastphil New Member

    Okay, I want to root my tablet but I want to avoid bricking while doing it.

  2. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Rooting is pretty simple and straightforward, there are just a couple of gotchas so make sure you:

    • Make sure the root method is for your SPECIFIC model device and version of Android.
    • Make sure you've got all the files and apps in the right place before you begin.
    • Do not power off or disconnect during the rooting process.
    • Don't panic if it doesn't work the first time. Sometimes it takes a few attempts.
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  3. DangerChicken

    DangerChicken Member

    they best way to avoid bricking is research. research. research.
    dont just find a guide and follow it, find other guides also and compare the steps.
    if guide a says this and guide b says that. find out why there is differing info.
    make sure the software you are using is specifically for your device.
    read, read, read, read, search the boards, then read some more. then when you feel your ready, just follow the steps.

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