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Briefing Voice mis-pronounces everythingSupport

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  1. R3k1awyk5

    R3k1awyk5 New Member

    Anybody else have an issue with the Briefing Voice sounding like she has a third-grade reading level? Nav voice sounds fine, but when I use the briefing alarm, the voice mis-pronounces almost every word, and runs words together. It's to the point now where I find it annoying, but it's funny enough that I still use the briefing alarm, just to hear how it's going to pronounce things.

    Update: I have the Verizon version of the phone. Thought I would include that info, as the different carriers seem to vary greatly.

  2. R3k1awyk5

    R3k1awyk5 New Member

  3. Doit2it

    Doit2it Well-Known Member Contributor

    You can always change it.
    Settings / Language and input / Text-to-speech output

    Under Google you can change the speed or select 1 of 6 languages

    Under Samsung you can change the speed, select 1 of 8 languages, and 1 of 7 voice effects (normal, deep, robot, helium gas, etc.)

    Just remember these setting are for any of the S3 Voice to text sounds. Driving directions under nav, driving mode announcements, etc. will use the same voice.
  4. omoanya

    omoanya Well-Known Member

    Briefing is reading the first 3 calendar entries for the day, is there any way for it to read more ?
  5. bndawgs

    bndawgs Member

    my briefing has said the same breaking news since I started using it.

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