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  1. bigdarkmad

    bigdarkmad New Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 1, 2010
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    Hello guys. I'm new here.Yesterday we bought one Samsung Galaxy S I9000 as present for my father.
    The smartphone is still without Sim card. I tested it yesterday and I have issue.
    I have turned off the automatic brightness adjustment.
    I set the brightness to the max or 80%-90%.
    When I lock and unclock - the screen goes back to the half brigthest somehow.
    The brightness can be adjusted by moving your finger from left to right on the top bar and I know it, still the issue persist.
    How I can get rid of this issue? Am I need to return the phone or what? May be hardware failure?

    Another question: IF I perform hard reset:
    Gsm Solution Free: Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Hard Reset
    Will it remove Samsung's default ringtones,wallpapers,live wallpapers and other suffs from Samsung?

    How to register our Samsung, I want to check its born date?

    Thank you
    Zdravko Genov


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