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  1. jbecerril

    jbecerril Member

    Ok. I am on my second Infuse and the problem still there. I have maximum brightness for ky screen and after working a little bit on my phone such as reading emails and surfing my phone dims and I cant get it to go over the max brightness. I have to wait a little bit a then I can work. But then it happens again. Did a factory restored and it did not help. Any ideas?. By the way when that happens the phone is not even hot, hell not even warm. I really need your help people.

  2. jbecerril

    jbecerril Member

    It looks like I am the only one with this issue on this forum. I guess i have to return it one more time.
  3. Bobbyjpgh

    Bobbyjpgh New Member

    No your not the only one. I bought my Infuse last week after being married to Apple iphone's for 4 yrs. I called Samsung and its a built in feature that adjusts to ambient light via the sensors between your earpiece and front facing camera.
  4. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Well-Known Member

    Let me offer some help. Unfortunately the reps at the various carriers (not just AT&T) are not always accurate in the information they give out. Nor are they aware of the characteristics of every phone they sell.

    The ambient light sensor in the Infuse is very sensitive and that is what is causing the fluctuation in the light level. It has _nothing_ to do with overheating. Or temps in general.

    There is _Nothing_ wrong with the phone.

    The myth widely circulating around that is totally wrong, is that this is a heat issue. It is NOT.

    I have this suggestion, it's what I've done with mine.

    Go into settings and un-check the box that uses the ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness. Now set the level of brightness manually. Once you have it set, it will hold that setting just fine.

    I Hope this helps you.
  5. jbecerril

    jbecerril Member

    I have done that already and still the same issue. So if there is nothing wrong with the phone, then I am assuming that most of the Infuse 4g users don't use the brightness all they way up. Either they use the automatic brightness or disable automatic brightness but never set the brightness all the way up. Too bad because I really want to take advantage of this amazing screen. I think I will wait until Fry's has more in stock and return it for a 3rd and final time.
  6. tmaxey1

    tmaxey1 Well-Known Member

    My screen is all the way up. It always is. I love eye bleeding brightness. I have never seen a message about screen brightness being reduced.
  7. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Well-Known Member

    How long does it operate before this occurs?
  8. jbecerril

    jbecerril Member

    It varies. Sometimes it takes less than a minute and other times a lot longer, about 15min. So if users have the brightness all the way up and no problems with the screen then it must be a defect phone.
  9. jbecerril

    jbecerril Member

    A message does not pop up telling you about the screen brightness being reduced, you have to go to the display settings, then go to brightness and you will see that your brightness has been reduced due to overheating. Also remember sometimes it is hard to tell that your brightness has been reduced, you can certainly tell the diference while surfing due to the white background.
  10. jbecerril

    jbecerril Member

    So if Samsung told you it's a feature on this phone then all the Infuse phones do it. Maybe I am freaking out over nothing. Come on users let me hear you if you have any of this issue.
  11. tmaxey1

    tmaxey1 Well-Known Member

    I will watch for this to see if I notice anything. Isn't there also a setting for LCD brightness auto adjusting to save battery on web sites? Its called power saving mode on the display tab in settings. Did you uncheck that?
  12. tmaxey1

    tmaxey1 Well-Known Member

    Guess its a feature. My phone just did the same thing. It reduced it from 100 to about 80 I would guess. So yes now I see it. I'm not upset about it. 80 is still plenty bright for a minute to keep phone cooler.
  13. michaelvwilson

    michaelvwilson New Member

    It is not a lame sensor between anything. the phone over heats and it lets you know by flashing a temp gauge a you when you ry and restart it. freakin Einsteins.
  14. chinefoo

    chinefoo Well-Known Member

    Ok, ive had the phone now for 2 days. i have yet to experiance this heating problem, i have it set to power saving, i ran it for 1 hr straight.
    {was dollar beer night} also this phone has not been recharged since wed night. still at 50% batt.

    it is my opinion you may have a bad phone, not saying you do, but id go in and get it checked or shut down tasks, as you may have 20 things running.
    thats the only thing i can think of to make phone heat up!
  15. michaelvwilson

    michaelvwilson New Member

    Well I got over 100 apps installed but that is not the problem considering they where all closed. Here is what will overheat your phone; if you have your wifi on and are connected to a charger plus you are streaming a movie (I was using TV shows now) the phone is susceptible to overheating. The bad thing is when you overheat it, it is not the same again. AT&T was cool about it though been less than a month so they just gave me a new phone no charge. I don't see how this could fix the problem but at least I can start fresh with a little more insight. I have also got 1080 apps on SD card but this will never be a problem because your phone will automaticly start shutting apps down if there are to many open.
  16. michaelvwilson

    michaelvwilson New Member

    Oh and by the way, if you want your infuse to look better than any phone on the market and to shock and awe people you should put SPB Shell on your phone. It is beautiful to look at and it organizes everything. Yeah it may cost $14.99 on the market but trust me it is worth every penny I have made family and friends drool over my phone with this homescreen replacement. The reason why I got it was because I switched to the infuse from a galaxy s. To my dismay the infuse looked and acted just like a galaxy s so I wanted to try to spice it up. After installing SPB shell it was like having a phone that was unheard of and unseen before. Anyway enough rambling just thought I would share something.
  17. bumancuzbrah

    bumancuzbrah Active Member

    my wife has the same issue. phone is 8 months old.
    auto brightness is off as well as power save mode.
    however she is on the phone about 16 hours a day and charges it about 3 times a day.

    while she is using it the screen dims. i also had this problem when it was mine.

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