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  1. animallover

    animallover Active Member

    Hi All,
    Just need a bit of help or suggestion..i've got the SG2 and on ICS and yesterday i had a notification to say a software update is available so me thinking it was the Jelly Bean update went ahead and downloaded and installed it only to find it wasn't :( anyway after i notice a few things different and one was the brightness when you touch and hold the top of the notification bar and slide up and down you can adjust the brightness where as now i can't since that update ,also the notification icons in the status bar are a bit smaller and not so bright as before ..why is this happening ?
    I normally don't bother with updates but thought it was the Jelly Bean update ..Duh!

    version before update was 4.0.3 after update was 4.0.4
    Hope someone can help me here :eek:

  2. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    That brightness slide feature has been taken out.
    its gone forever mate!
  3. Kasser

    Kasser Well-Known Member

    For some reason they took out that feature in 4.0.4. I used it a lot, but now just have it on auto brightness and no longer miss it.

    Also waiting for JB goodness. Tempted by the leaked firmware but too much of a wimp :)
  4. animallover

    animallover Active Member

    Ohhh ..why did they do that? also have you noticed that the icons are smaller in the notification status bar..wished i never done done it now but thought it was the JB :mad: well hope its not too long till its released and hope the icons are back to the good size again :)

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