bringing outlook contacts into android, syncing not needed

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  1. Advait

    Advait Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    I'm a newbie and I plan to purchase my first Android phone soon (probably an Android 4). I want to move all my Outlook contacts and tasks into the Android phone.

    Do Android phones include a built-in contacts app and todo/tasks app?

    Suppose I export all my Outlook contacts and tasks into csv files. Can I then import that data into the "default" Android contacts and tasks apps? Or do I need to install a 3rd party contact and task manager?

    After I get settled into my new Android phone I plan to get rid of Windows (I'm only using Windows to sync my old WinMo 6.1 phone.)

    My plan is to manage all my contacts and tasks just on the Android phone. And then once a day use Titanium Backup to create a backup file that I'll transfer to my Linux PC. (I plan to root my Android phone so I can run Titanium.)

    I do not need or want to sync my gmail contacts with my Android phone. I do not need to sync my Android contacts and tasks with my Linux PC. I just plan to do daily Android full backups and then copy that backup file to my Linux PC.

    Thanks! Kind Regards,


  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Depending on what the brand of the phone is, the method will differ.

    For example, a Samsung phone can use Kies, an HTC Phone can use HTC Sync, and a Sony phone can use PC Companion. Basically you install these software onto your PC, plug in your phone, then directly import your contacts, tasks, calendar, memo, notes etc from Outlook straight into the phone in a format that does not sync to Google (These methods use the phone only storage and thus won't sync to Google once on the phone).

    A third party application you can use for the same purpose is MyPhoneExplorer.
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  3. Advait

    Advait Well-Known Member

    OK, this is very helpful for a newbie like me. I'm assuming that all these programs work fine with CSV files. That true? I plan to export my Outlook contacts and tasks as simple CSV files. Do you know if some of these programs link directly to Outlook? For example: Can KIES or HTC Sync directly import Outlook contacts and tasks without needing to first export CSV files from Outlook? I know I'm getting into some fine details. Sorry about that! :eek:

    Phone only storage is what I'm looking for. I plan to backup the phone daily. I don't plan to do any syncing because I plan to ditch Windows once I get the phone all set up.


  4. Advait

    Advait Well-Known Member

    . . . and, IIUC, it's not possible to sync an Android phone with Ubuntu. I presume KIES or HTC Sync or MPE or programs like that do not work on Linux. That true?

  5. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    They do not. However, I never use KIES, HTC Sync, etc because I run Linux and I hate being tied to any manufacturer's proprietary software. Not needed anyway to import or just to put a backup copy in your Linux box. Just export CSV files in Outlook and import to your Google account. Turn off sync first to keep from sending it to the cloud.

    If you or someone else reading this does want to sync Google contacts and calendar to a Linux box, it's easy. I just put everything in my Google account. Then I can sync everything to my Linux PC by using Thunderbird and some extensions. You'll need the Zindus extension for contacts and for the calendar Lightning and Provider for Google Calendar.

    See this:

    Or this:
  6. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Yup. No need for exporting or anything, just install it and it would pull all the contacts, calendar and tasks from Outlook.

    However, remember that without a Windows or Mac PC, you lose a desktop interface for interacting with your phone and making backups, which is needed if you plan on going on no cloud backups. As for ditching manufacturer software like what Crash suggests, I would suggest you do that AFTER pulling the data from Outlook using manufacturer software. Directly uploading csv files into a phone may not have desired results due to labelling differences, which would be addressed by an initial sync and exporting the csv files from the phone itself as opposed to from Outlook.

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