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  1. henry9419

    henry9419 New Member

    i broke the screen on my droid incredible. ordered a replacement screen and digitizer from ebay as i have before this one the cable for the digitizer was too short so it wont connect, now i got a droid razr, and id like to view missed texts and get contacts that werent synced with google, but with the screen broken and the phone being in charge only mode i was wondering if there is anyway i can access the file short of ordering another screen which i dont want to do unless i really have to

  2. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    If you had USB debugging enabled and were rooted, you could theoretically pull the data off the phone...but the files would be pretty much useless since only the Inc could read the files.

    Also the incredible does have the ability to hook up to a TV if you have the cable for it...but I think you would need to turn it on the settings, which obviously you can't do. And I don't think it supports full mirroring,
  3. henry9419

    henry9419 New Member

    so basically i gotta fix the screen now

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