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Broken Evo Charging Port Thread, Lets Track This IssueSupport

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  1. So sprint can't say "Its the users fault" because you know dam well its not. If you have a loose or broken port please post here and try to include your hardware version 2 or 3 and your build dates. Frankly im sick and tired of HTC and Sprint passing the buck about there faulty equipment.

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  2. B-Ran

    B-Ran Well-Known Member

    Bought launch day, version 2 build date 4/23/2010 ... my port works but I can tell it's getting a little loose. It seems like you've really got to go out of your way to support the bulk of the connector to keep this from happening. It's too weak in my opinion, but I'm no engineer from HTC.
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  3. pwnst*r

    pwnst*r Well-Known Member

    So, if your phone is charging and you trip over the USB cable and it breaks or makes the port loose, it's HTC's fault?
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  4. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator


    You've had this issue then, personally, have you?
  5. NeoteriX

    NeoteriX Well-Known Member

    I personally have no problems with my USB port, but I'd like to see greater detail as to the problems that are alleged -- is it that the plug falls out easily? That plugging in a cable no longer has any effect on the phone? What are the common complaints here?
  6. JoshUng

    JoshUng Well-Known Member

    I had a launch day phone, build 002, don't know the build date. After a month (just a day or two over) the charger wouldn't read well. It was definitely loose, and I had to make sure the phone was laying down in a way where the charger wouldn't move after I plugged it in. Brought it back to Radio Shack with no problems (except waiting for a replacement unit). Never dropped the phone or didn't anything to break the port, and one month's use shouldn't have degraded the integrity of the port that quickly.

    However, I don't think this is an HTC issue, I'm sure this happens to all phones, I haven't heard this being a widespread issue, so I'm sure we just got unlucky and got a device with a bad connection port.
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  7. ramonini

    ramonini Well-Known Member

    same thing happens to mines . Is a Hardware 002 .. Its connected but sometimes when moved it will stop charging . Its becoming annoying i give you that .. When i get piss off enough i will call sprint and ask for a replacement ..
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  8. rsa

    rsa Well-Known Member

    Move along. . . . . . .nothing to see here!
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  9. I have a launch day Evo and I can dangle my phone by the charger and it still charges. The same holds true of my car charger, sync cable, and extra wall charger. They all fit snug, I have no charging issues, and my phone is indifferent to the position it sits in while it charges.

    Oh, you wanted the ones that DID have issues. Sorry.
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  10. geaux4it

    geaux4it Member

    Both bottom ports are poorly implemented. The female connectors should have been mounted with the metal edges not exposed. I knew this was a problem the first time I plugged in the charger cable.

  11. Ahh did I say anything about tripping over cables in the post? I think not. We are talking normal wear and tear by "normally" using the port.
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  12. NeoEVO

    NeoEVO Well-Known Member

    Purchased EVO at launch directly from Sprint online
    HW Version 0003
    Build Date 05.17

    Had a loose connection & went to a Sprint Corporate store where they swapped out the usb cable and everything's OK now.
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  13. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a solder point is coming loose. It has happened to me on other devices.
  14. JoshUng

    JoshUng Well-Known Member

    Exactly, don't get me wrong, it was annoying as hell when it happened to me, but I don't think this is an HTC or EVO problem, but a problem a small percentage of all phones face (not to sound like Steve Jobs).

    Then again, I don't think one thread keeping track of this is a bad idea, its not like another thread needs to be deleted for this one to live.
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  15. Babbit

    Babbit Well-Known Member

    These are standard micro-usb ports. They should be much more durable than mini-usb, so I don't see how you can wear it out that fast even if you were rough with it.

    With that said, my first EVO came with a faulty port (the contacts weren't making contacts), but that was more of a supplier flaw than anything to do with wear.
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  16. STLEVOFan

    STLEVOFan Well-Known Member

    I just discovered this problem on my launch day v2 phone. I ordered a usb-musb cable from monoprice and couldn't get it to work, could not get my car charger to work today, was just working fine yesterday, and had a hard time getting original charger to work. Is sprint repairing this problem?
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  17. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    i have a launch day handset v002 and the actual usb cables' usb tip went bad. would fit very loose in the port on the handset. at first i thought it to be the usb port but it was just the cable.. so check with another usb cable if you can to rule OUT the cable itself. luckily i had an hd2 sitting around and its port is the same as the evos..
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  18. Good Point.
  19. GuySmily

    GuySmily Member

    My charging problem turned out to be the cable too. Shocking since they seem to be such nicely built cables. I bought a bunch of super cheap, ugly square-ended ebay ones (for the carputer, desk @ work, laptop bag, backpack) and they all work fine. In fact, my carputer cable gets stepped on by passengers and stuff, caught in the seat rails, etc, and it doesn't have any problems.

    My OEM cable is the one that stays at home safely laid out on my desk, but that's the one that broke.

    I got lazy and it's been past 30 days.. I should have just gotten a new pretty OEM cable while I had the chance. Oh well.
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  20. BenChase7

    BenChase7 VIP Member VIP Member

    v2 got on lauch day (GF's phone) No problems.
    v3 got about 1 month ago (my phone), No problems.
  21. Slice28

    Slice28 Well-Known Member

    as many of you know by now. my port broken about 35 days after having having the phone.. and sprint and htc said that it was my fault which is BS.. and my version is 0002
  22. dr g

    dr g Well-Known Member

    v3, 2 days after launch, no problems with usb port
  23. EasyEEE

    EasyEEE Well-Known Member

    Broken port on one 002.

    Again, I actually think it is a combination of poor design on EVO and their charging cable. My wifes phone is very VERY difficult to take a charge. Other 2 EVOs no problem.

    One HTC charger (out of 3) is very difficult to get to take a charge on other 2 EVOs.

    I have a Sprint Micro USB charger that wouldn't fit my sons EVO. It had a longer chord so wanted use it one day. Didn't try it on other 2 EVOs out of fear. His will take the HTC charger no problem.

    Have not taken to Sprint yet. As I mentioned in other thread, 30+ years of plugging stuff in. It isn't difficult, and we don't abuse our property. We, like most, got screen.protectors and cases day one. Anyway, in 30+ years, I have never had a power port break... and a $500 phone should not break after 4 weeks.
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  24. STLEVOFan

    STLEVOFan Well-Known Member

    Just found out I never added TEP to my EVO....am afraid i'm going to be screwed on my USB port issue.
  25. ExPalm

    ExPalm Well-Known Member

    I could see this coming. Very small connector, very small (and weak) solder joints, coupled with a long connector (lever) sticking out.
    If you just plug it in and set it down until charged, it shouldn't be an issue, but if you use it a lot while plugged in, then...

    This is why I bought a pair of right angle cables (3 ft, and 6 ft)
    Amazon.com: Startech.com 3FT Right Angle Micro USB Cable Is A Fully Rated USB Cable with The: Electronics
    The wire is much lighter, so it doesn't pull as much, and the short micro-usb connector doesn't put as much stress on the connector when touched / bumped.

    I use the short one at my computer, and the long one plugged in next to my bed.
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