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  1. werkem

    werkem Active Member

    launch day version 2

    port is loose, 1st trip to sprint they tried to say i got water it in thats why it wouldnt charge. then he stuck charger in there and saw how loose it was and tried to blame it on water damage.

    I have to put the charger in and put pressure on the cable to have it charge

    I am out of the 30 day window, but I still plan on bitching enough to get a replacement and not paying $100. If i have to pay $100 for anything its going to be to switch to verizon and etf sprint

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  2. Shawnz

    Shawnz Well-Known Member

    v3 phone here - and it gets plugged / unplugged about 10 times a day if you count dropping it in my ebay dock which plugs into the port on the bottom of the phone.

    No problems at all here. I'm also using the OEM charger / cable, an ebay micro usb cable, an ebay AC charger over night and my ebay car adaptor when needed.

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  3. pwnst*r

    pwnst*r Well-Known Member

    I was giving an example against your "claim". Get back to me when you hear the "click".
  4. werkem

    werkem Active Member

    looks like i might be getting lucky and getting a replacement sent from sprint and not having to use insurance for a 2 month old ******* phone. I guess after 2 hrs on the phone and speaking to 34234353 supervisors and bitching you can sometimes get your way ...

    even got a free airave coming in the mail all fees waived

    update coming in the next day or so
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  5. Exactly, You must bitch up a storm. Good for you!
  6. AlChemist44

    AlChemist44 Member

    I have/had a first day phone. Developed a chargring issue last Tuesday (July 20th). Took it back to BB (purchased and have BB insurance). It was a solder issue, BB rep said that not enough parts exist to repair so they replaced it in 4 days. :)
  7. JoshUng

    JoshUng Well-Known Member

    You got your phone from Radio Shack right? Did you try going back there? I'm surprised to hear so many people have problems exchanging it.

    Before I went to Radio Shack, I went to a Sprint Corporate store, assuming that's where I needed to go for warranties. They didn't really give me a hard time, but suggested it would probably be quicker if I went to the place I bought it. Went to Radio Shack and they just said "Okay" and ordered the replacement.

    How would this not be under warranty? Unless you were fiddling around with the port trying to do something strange, isn't this percisely the thing warranties were made for?
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  8. I will never understand why someone would call about a hardware problem. Why not just take it into the repair center?

    I have 8 evo's, not a one is suffering from usb problem, so it has to be rare. I will say there is 1 usb cable which if I use with any phone, is always loose. This includes all the evo, the bluetooth headsets, and the other phones. But has for usb problem with one phone, nope, not on 8 evo's.
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  9. STLEVOFan

    STLEVOFan Well-Known Member

    I got very fortunate. the sprint store fixed my phone (read: replaced my phone) free of charge w/o TEP. I felt very lucky. The guy looking at my phone brought it out and showed me my USB port was completely broken off, thus the reason for it being sooo loose. now have a hw v3 Evo and am out a screen protector but that will be replaced very shortly.

    I added TEP after the repair was made!!

    While doing so the girl that was ringing me out mentioned that Sprint is going to be changing their repair policy "maybe as soon as October 1". Any phone brought in for service w/o TEP will cost $35, just for them to look at it. With TEP it will not cost!
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  10. werkem

    werkem Active Member

    more details of story for u

    so the charging port on my phone is loose like other people. I went to a REPAIR CENTER ... the guy said "looks like water damage to me". Granted I have never dropped my phone or spilled water or anything on it. I said man this guy doesnt know what he is talking about I leave. I go to another sprint store and have someone look at it (not a repair store), he says the port is look take it to a repair store. So I return to the original repair store I went to first, and got another guy to look at my phone. He said "I don't see any signs of water damage dont know why he said that", and begins to go into the system. Well w/o me knowing the 1st guy marked my phone as defective with water damage, so the repair center couldnt do anything but point me to insurance. Granted 2 other people said it was port. So then i CALLED sprint to get it sorted out.

    The solution now is to get anothe repair center tech to update my account and say there is no water damage and then sprint will send me a replacement phone w/o having to warranty it
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  11. gameday26

    gameday26 Well-Known Member

    Here's my 2 cents, if all hope is lost with getting a new phone because of this issue, then heres another option if you do not want to get rid of your evo.

    buy the 2 batteries/ charger from ebay for 10 bucks(or any type of charger like this for that matter but the china ones are the cheapest), it allows you to charge batteries and not have to use the port on the phone, you can just replace batteries.
    i have been doing this for about a month now and its alot more convenient actually because you never have to wait for your phone to charge.

    the problem you are going to run into with this is not being able to sync you device to your computer because your port is broken. if you can live with not being able to do this (i wouldnt, whats the point almost if you cannot customize your sd card?) then this option is for you!

    ~this is also a great way to invest 10 bucks and save yourself from useing your port daily, and maby preventing this problem from happening sooner than it should. :) cheers
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  12. cecium

    cecium New Member

    I bought my phone July 1, I'm not sure which version it is or the DOM. My charger port became loose exactly 3 weeks later and I noticed the issue when i tried to connect to my computer. I took it to a sprint store and they said it was the cable, gave me a spare which happened to be faulty and didnt charge that night. I took it the a repair store the next day and they told me that I "physically damaged" the phone and directed me to insurance as everyone else did. As of right now I can still charge it but it only connects to the cable when the cable is bent under the phone. I've ordered a external battery charger and spare batteries for when this port breaks all together. I also called customer service complained to them about the repair center and explained that the phone does charge but it is loose and i did not physically damage it and refuse to pay $100 for a replacement. They were very rude to me and gave me all types of random examples of how user negligence is physical damage and that even if someone else tried to plug my charger in a little forcefully once it can become broken and it is in every way my fault. I also threatened to cancel but the supervisor said i can cancel and bring everything in within the 30 days but I'd still have to pay 200 for the "damaged" phone and an early cancellation fee even though it would be within the 30 days. This morning I called HTC and asked them what their policy is for fixing the device and they basically told me that it would be a 2 week turnaround for a phone repair and i'd have to pay for shipping and possible repair charges if they deem it user damage. I also asked if they have any statistics on this issue and they said since launch day with 200000 phones sold they only had 10 or 15 people call in with repair issues. They dont believe it is a manufacturing error and are all trying to cover their asses. I'm going to take it to a third party repair shop and try to get thier opinion on the damage to my phone and see if i can remove the physical "user" damage flag on my phone so i can exchange it for a new one. It seems as though there are enough people having this issue and some are getting replacements more easily than others.
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  13. werkem

    werkem Active Member

    read my post above

    i have the same problem and sprint tried to say that it was my fault on damage. I think once i get the idiot to clear my account of false water damage and call back i should get a replacement. That is what the rep i talked to said. And if i get an idiot that doesnt want to do it, I will ask to speak to someone help because they are not being helpful. I refuse to pay another $100 for a less than 2 month old phone
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  14. WoW!
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  15. earlgsxbusa

    earlgsxbusa Well-Known Member

    Update on my replacement. Asurion is backuped up. I should have my replacement phone by this friday.

    Yes i choose to pay the 100 because I have been paying monthly for other phones for insurance. might as well cash in.

    once the new phone comes in, Im going to have to some how secure the mini usb port from moving again.
  16. gameday26

    gameday26 Well-Known Member

    dont they give you a refurbished phone? its not new.

    to help prevent it from happening again you hould read what i wrote above
  17. ked0607

    ked0607 Member

    I have been having the same issues with sprint regarding the charging port. I got my phone two days after launch. I went back to the corporate store with repair facility about 3 weeks and had a tech look at it and they said bad car charger. I bought the new car charger. It was still loosing connection going down the road took it back to them and the tech told me well we are out of stock try back another day to get a replacement. I only have off on sundays and every sunday i have went back that i was in the area of the store to try and get a replacement they were out of stock.

    Well last night i made a special trip to the repair center figuring they would have a new shipment at the beginning of the week to help me out. Took it to the tech counter and the lady say this is physical damage and we do not replace or repair physical damage you are going to have to pay 100 dollars and have asurion ship you another unit. So over a 5 week period this went from a hit or miss issue to a fully loose port. I screamed and yelled at about 8 supervisors and they said that i would have to go through asurion but they would credit my account to cover the deductable. I wanted so badly to strangle the tech girl that said i had damaged my phone. If i could have reached through the phone and choked 7 out of the 8 supervisors at *2 i would have. They are terrible about helping you out. I refused to pay for the deductable because of their stock issues over the last 5 weeks. Dont take their BS tactics scream yell be a total azz till they replace your phone. This is not an uncommon issue. Read more blogs there are many out there that have swapped their phones for this issue. Ive personally made 4 trips to the store bought 1 new charging cable and wasted about 2 hours on the phone to customer care last night just to take care of a simple swap.
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  18. J03

    J03 Well-Known Member

    Well did you trip one of the water sensors or not? If all the water sensors were fine then I would go as high as possible in the chain of command and have that guy fired for fraud.
  19. ked0607

    ked0607 Member

    so i did a little more research and even on HTC company forums theres complaints about this. I have hardware 002 and i know for a fact that this is going well under the radar. I hope they have to issue a recall for this issue. Seeing how the evo is a smart phone and you need to charge it like all the time. Hopefully the refurb that i recieve works well and last alot longer. For my life i never knew how much anguish a mobile phone can cause one person until you have to deal with sprint customer care and the ******s at the repair centers. If their service was as good taking care of you as it is when they are smiling to take your money on the sales floor everything would be awesome.
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  20. werkem

    werkem Active Member

    no water sensors are tripped. He didnt even check them. He looked at the port "oh ya it must be water damage" ... didnt check the battery one or anything
  21. Essex

    Essex Well-Known Member

    You know, there actually might be something to this issue. A day or so after I got my EVO, I bought a third party wall charger (needed the longer cord), and a third party USB charger (for work). I have been using those two chargers exclusively ever since I bought them, until the past few days when I had to use my HTC charger. Subjectively, it seems like the HTC charger "sticks" in the port and requires a firm tug to remove. Perhaps, over time, extended use of the HTC charger could pull the charging socket off of its seating. Needless to say I have since gone back to my third party chargers, and I don't expect any problems since they slide gently out of the MicroUSB port... The HTC charger makes me nervous!

    Perhaps this isn't a widespread issue, but I could see how extended use of the HTC wall charger could (unintentionally) damage the phone... Just my $0.02.
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  22. ullimc

    ullimc New Member

    My port broke on my Evo and sprint told me the same thing, user damage. untill now I was so happy with the Evo. I always thought the port seemed awfully flimsy.
    Didnt HTC count on everyday use? To top it off sprint didn't have a record of me opting for the Total protection which I did get. They're looking into. Fortunatly I found an external charger and extra batteries on Ebay since the only way to charge the phone is to replace the battery.
  23. andyahunt

    andyahunt Member

    I have/had a launch day evo hardware 002 and the port broke 31 days later. I've been waiting for 3 weeks now waiting to get it replaced. At first sprint said it was my fault, but I called customer service and threatened to take my 3 lines to vzw and the droid x and they eventually paid the insurance deductible for me. In the meantime I didn’t have a phone, so they sent me the worst possible blackberry they had. An ancient blackberry 8830. It doesn’t even have a camera! I mostly regret getting the EVO; I would for sure get the epic if it had a kickstand...
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  24. EasyEEE

    EasyEEE Well-Known Member

    I am eating now but stopped by a sprint store and discovered some info to support my theory that HTC own chargers are ******* up the port.
  25. ked0607

    ked0607 Member

    ok so to pour salt into the wound we are getting froyo on the 3rd of Aug. and still havent gotten my replacement. Oh the poor service. Not renewing a contract with these morons. I have an insider that works for government wireless services at Verizon. Their 4g is on the way, but they arent going to make it a big deal till they have it up and running unlike sprint whos 4g coverage is like the pull out method for birth control.
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