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  1. swatpup102

    swatpup102 Well-Known Member

    Some of you guys must live in areas where all retail store employees are *** *****. I've been into at least 4 different sprint stores in this area for various things, and never once have I had an actual problem with any of the people.

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Tone the language down, please. We like these forums to be as "family-friendly" as possible. :)
  3. That doesn't make any sense.
  4. Quizshow

    Quizshow Well-Known Member

    I was having some issues with the power cord staying connected, but it was only due to my cheapo mini-to-micro usb adapters. Once I went back to using real micro usb cables, the problem went away. My BB 8330 died because of charging port issues.
  5. luxetical

    luxetical Well-Known Member

    Just posting my story,

    So my charger port broke two nights ago and would not connect at all, even with a little jiggle. So I took it to Sprint the next day, the same one I bought it from, and they were having problems with their computers, so they told me to take it to the repair center. It was actually a few blocks down so I wasn't really upset but it was packed because the other store couldn't do anything. By this time my phone was completely dead, no juice at all.

    The lady went ahead and took it from me no questions asked, told me to come back in a few hours.

    I was also rooted btw and because I have such bad paranoia I had this weird idea that they were going to tackle me xD no idea why. Anyways, they told me it was my port and that they were going to replace the phone, no cost, I guess through warranty. Told me to come back monday to pick it up

    Oh ya my build is Hardware 2, i dont know the build date, and I bought it launch day.

    When I had got there I went to compare it to their model and noticed the charger port was actually different. I also noticed the little piece in the middle of mine was up higher, either bent or just came that way.

    I really just hope they actually get me one on monday, this weekend has already been rough without a phone.

  6. LOL!!! This Forum???!!!!
  7. They should at least give you some kind of a loaner phone no?
  8. dominiej

    dominiej Member

    I've had some issues with my charging port which is critical to me since I'm a DJ and I need to download music on the spot and upload it to my computer. I noticed my phone wouldn't be recognized and the port was really loose.

    I was about to take it back when I mentioned it to a buddy of mine. He also has an Evo (mine is v002 and his is v003). I plugged in his chord and it fit perfectly. I found that it was my USB cable. The little pins that are supposed to grasp/lock into the port were sunken into the tip. I got a needle and popped them out and I haven't had a problem since.

    I was out gigging last night and my phone wasn't being recognized again, but after a quick reboot of the phone, it worked again... phew - that was close...
  9. luxetical

    luxetical Well-Known Member

    hmm good point. Maybe she was just so caught up she forgot. The little store was packed and she seemed overwhelmed.

    It would've been nice if they did give me a loaner.
  10. EasyEEE

    EasyEEE Well-Known Member

    Well, I will try to make this short. I wanted to do another video like I did before. This one is from before showing the problem with EVO 3 using one of the HTC Chargers. Doesn't prove my theory that the HTC Chargers are jacking up the charging ports. Below video is my problem outlining my theory.

    YouTube - Sprint HTC EVO 4G USB Charging Port Problem

    But, we're hold up in a hotel for a few more days. So again, video above from a few weeks ago. Will make a new one soon.

    3 EVOs, 4 chargers (3 HTC, and 1 Samsung).

    HTC Chargers 1 & 2 work fine on HTC EVO 1 & 2.

    HTC Charger 3 works, but feels VERY loose on HTC EVO 1 & 2.

    HTC Chargers 1, 2, & 3 will not charge HTC EVO 3 - without fooling with it for like 10 mins - if you get it to work at all.

    I go into Sprint store finally to see what I can do. I didn't have chargers on me, was a whim of the moment stop.

    I'm talking to this guy that can't keep his EVO charged (he plugs it in, the charging light comes on steady, but it doesn't really charge - or something is draining his battery so fast, can't keep up).

    I tell him my problem with HTC EVO 3, and go to show him.

    "Ah, here's a micro USB power cable."

    ... I plug it in.. it snaps in nice and firm... charging light comes on right away. Huh!?

    I look, it's a Samsung charger.

    I unplug. Plug back in. Works great.


    So, I leave, knowing I won't be able to prove me case without my chargers.

    I get home, and plug in EVO 3 into all HTC chargers - same problem. Loose and won't take a charge. Chargers 1 & 2 still work great with EVOs 1 & 2 while Charger 3 still is very loose on all phones.

    I plug in an old Samsung charger I have. It snaps in ok, only very slightly looser than the Samsung charger at the Sprint store, but it takes a charge no problem. If I move it a bit, the charge light goes out.

    So, again... I really think the HTC Chargers are screwing up the ports.
  11. aznmode

    aznmode Well-Known Member

    I too have the same issue with my charging port on my 2nd EVO. My first Evo version 0002 had a tighter fit but I had to return the phone because it was just a 30 day trial for me to see if I want the phone. But when I had both phone I could tell there was a difference in the fit. The 1st one was always tight and but 2nd one is lose and some chargers wont let it charge unless I move the cable a certain way. Now my theory is if it's the port then it shouldn't matter what charger I use correct? If there's a lose solder point it's lose no matter what. Right? I think the real issue maybe is the type of socket they use on these phones.

    Now as far as water damage, that is ridiculous. How does water cause physical damage to a charging port. I can't imagine a 5v port will even short enough to cause burn or solder to come lose cause of water. I've dropped a Treo before in water accidentally and the port never got affected. Thats why I hate going to Sprint repair centers. The only one here in the bay area (san Jose) is about 20 minute away and the guys there are pricks most of the time and give you hard time. Most of them think they know it all. If I have to go to a repair center I go to a Sprint certified repair center. They too can do a swap for you if they have the phones in stock. Or they can order you one. There is one I go to thats about 30 min away but well worth the drive since they are very cool to deal with. You can look for certified repair center locations at Again these are not Sprint stores with repair centers but they are repair centers that are certified to work on sprint phones and other carriers.

  12. Same here. Same build number and got mine launch day. I have noticed that my car charger fits alot more snug and I dont have any issues with it, just my home charger.
  13. EasyEEE

    EasyEEE Well-Known Member

    That is why I think it's not only the port, but HTC's EVO chargers causing the damage on the shoddy charge port build.

    It makes no sense why 3 HTC EVO Chargers won't charge my wife's phone without holding cable a certain way (with one being very very loose), while a Samsung branded charger snaps in and works great. While the other 2 EVOs take 2 of the 3 chargers just fine, and the 3rd is rather loose.

    When I take mine in finally, I am going to bring all 3 HTC Chargers, 3 EVOs, and use my Samsung charger and any charger they have at the store - and show them it's a poor design.
  14. tmwilsoniv

    tmwilsoniv Well-Known Member

    My stock cord and charging port are tight and sure but I had a thought. Can one use a PowerMat (like for the iPhone), sync via bluetooth, and simply not bother with the cord? It would be a work-around for sure, but what the heck, it might prevent unnecessary wear and tear.
  15. ray3676

    ray3676 Member

    I dont know what hardware version I had, but I had my EVO replaced last week from a broken charging port. Thank goodness most of HTC's devices seem to use the same batt! I would alternate charging on my old TP2 and my Flo TV.
  16. ked0607

    ked0607 Member

    ok so i got bored and figured what the heck asurion is sending me a new phone next week hopefully. Ill blow this thing apart and see actually what the heck happened to the charging port. Six T5 screws and some light prying and the case comes right apart. I open it to see all 4 of the mount tabs were loose. The solder wasnt secure at all and also the tiny ribbon traces were shot. I took it over to a buddy at the local pc repair place and he said definitely a defective solder joints holding the micro usb to the mother board. He said its like the cheap low grade motherboard soldering you would see from a highschool computer class. The back portion of the joint was not even complete. I wish i could have taken a picture but my evo was busted apart. He has been doing this type of board level work for 12 years so i trust his opinion. He became a friend a long time ago when i needed a computer fixed and he needed a remote start for his car. We hooked each other up and now if we need something its on the barter system. He even offered to tear into the new evo and make sure the port is secure so i wont ever have this issue again.
  17. luxetical

    luxetical Well-Known Member

    Kind of off topic but does anybody know if sprint will flip out on me when I return my phone because its rooted and since the usb port is broken I cant get back to stock. They didn't notice when I took it in and I'm getting my replacement tomorrow but when they send it in to wherever, do they just flash it back to stock already or will they notice that the previous owner rooted?
  18. ked0607

    ked0607 Member

    i doubt it they will replace the board more then likely or hard reset the phone and completely wipe and reload with the new software coming back out.
  19. luxetical

    luxetical Well-Known Member

    Ya thats what I figured, I was just hoping it was so. I usually go back to stock before taking it in, but this time I can't.

    Sometimes my paranoia just gets the best of me :p
  20. Schwe

    Schwe Member

    I have a launch day phone 002, built in April. Usb port is loose with both Samsung and HTC usb cable. A corporate Sprint store said they could do anything for me unless I wanted to claim against insurance. They suggested I go to a repair store. So I went to the local Sprint repair store and duplicated the problem. I have a new white EVO on order to replace my existing one. Should be in next week.
  21. We have approx 50 phones wear I work. I order and config them all. The Mini-USB has been hands down the most reliable. We started getting micro back w/ the Treo Pros and now w/ the Nextels Brute i680s.

    IMHO from what I have seen the Micro is nowhere close to being as solid and reliable as the Mini. That is from what I have seen anyway.
  22. geekymamaw

    geekymamaw New Member

    seems like a lot of people are having this problem. I also had launch day evo and the port came loose from the inside not one week later. I was gentle with this phone but it felt tight when pulling out of plug in slot. In a matter of a few days, the whole thing gave and I could no longer charge my EVO. I have heard so many complaints about this. It has to be a design thing. I swapped out my phone and now have a build 03 now with no problems. Build 02 was the faulty one.
  23. geekymamaw

    geekymamaw New Member

    I don't think it your chargers. Your ports are giving out and may be coming apart from the inside. Mine loosened just as you described and in less than a week, the port completely came apart and no ability to charge at all. I had launch day EVO build 2. It was swapped out and the new build 3 EVO works fine. Same charger. If you can swap it out, you probably should before it gives out altogether. Mine would work fine one minute and not charge or turn on the light the next. I'm afraid your's might be trying to to that as well.
  24. werkem

    werkem Active Member

    and now my phone wont charger battery is dead and still waiting on my replacement ....

    iphone sounds mighty nice again sprint/htc
  25. werkem

    werkem Active Member

    from looking at other issues in this thread seems like its a build 2 issue

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