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  1. Buzzwyzr

    Buzzwyzr Member

    I started having this issue three days ago. Launch day hardware version 003. Grabbed the USB cable from my Palm Pre and plugged it into the HTC wall charger that came with the EVO. Working fine so far. No longer a loose feels solid. And it doesn't quit charging if I move the phone while it's plugged in.

    I really feel for those of you that have a faulty charging port. Hopefully everyone gets taken care of once the hardware problem is fixed by HTC.

  2. luxetical

    luxetical Well-Known Member

    I've been waiting as well.

    Just ordered a battery dock and a couple of batteries

    Went back to my blackberry and have been dying to use my Evo again.
  3. werkem

    werkem Active Member

    how long has your wait been ?

    I am going out of town this weekend, and im not looking forward to using a friends old blackberry pearl and a backup phone
  4. luxetical

    luxetical Well-Known Member

    It's been a week but it feels like forever.

    I just went in to talk to them and try to get them to replace it on the spot. They told me the white ones are coming in faster but I'm not a fan of white phones.
  5. ramonini

    ramonini Well-Known Member

    haha I also went to sprint ... Today the first thing the guy said it was wet because it was Green or some thing like that inside the Port.. I was like Naww check the sticker .. Either way he saw some Apps i had and he like them.. Since I had the apk saved in my memory card I was like ill give em to you .. And he was happy . He took the phone inside to check it and came back out . Once i was done installing and explaining how the apps worked he was like .. IM HOOK YOU UP SINCE YOUR HOOKING ME UP ... I was like str8 .. He then told me to come Monday to pick up the new phone and gave me a receipt and everything .. Lol I guess sometimes is good to know and teach to those who don't .. Glad it worked out .. Plus the guy seemed like he didnt care and was friendly .. Hopefully this time the port wont get loose ... And here I was blaming my nephew since he would always disconnect my phone ..
  6. werkem

    werkem Active Member

    im at a week myself. well i ordered mine from the sprint phone number. is that where they told u white ones are coming faster

    damn u got lucky
  7. ked0607

    ked0607 Member

    I just recieved my replacement EVO Yesterday. I waited 9 business days to recieve it. It was not a refurbed unit. HW 003 no issues found with it yet. Working great.
  8. kegacide

    kegacide Well-Known Member

    ahh yes charging issue... well i bought a used Evo, noticed right away you had to play with it to charge, i guess too much wiggling and i completely disconnected the port, wouldn't charge at all....

    take to sprint store, they say user error, say try going through HTC... so i call them, they said they may fix it or id have to pay... i figured i got the phone so cheap if i have to pay to fix it its fine... they say it should take 2 weeks to get my phone back... they received it on July 19th, and they STILL to this day have not even scanned my phone into their system to begin the repair process... saying they had an issue and they couldn't scan any phone into their system and cant begin working on it till they can...

    so ive been flipping on customer support and one specific manager now for a week and change, then basically got fed up this last week and said just send me the damn phone back... i ordered 4 chinese batteries and will just work it with switching them around until my upgrade time comes late september and get a new one... but even that is taking DAYS, and im in the expedited department but apparently just sending my phone out without even fixing takes 4 days?!?! i dont know how these people can run a business with this kind of sloppy business practice...

    i talked about a loaner, or how long would i have to wait until they do something for me? do i have to wait 3 months for a $500 phone before they even look at it? no one had an answer for me... bastards...

    either way im going to call back monday to make sure it is being sent out, most likely it wont yet though, so i'll keep bugging on people...
  9. luxetical

    luxetical Well-Known Member

    No I went into one of their repair centers where I got my evo checked out. After a week I went in to see if they could just call another store to replace it on the spot. The lady told me that the White ones were getting delivered quickly and the black ones were the ones on backorder.
  10. JoshUng

    JoshUng Well-Known Member

    My replacement was ordered on a Friday, and came in that Wednesday, and this was about a month ago. I'm surprised that there are still so many inventory issues.

    I know praising Apple is frowned upon here, but one thing they do great is have a whole bunch of phones available at launch. (Then again, I suppose its easier to do when you only have one phone.)
  11. apocalypse_later

    apocalypse_later Well-Known Member

    My cable is bad, not my port. I've been using a Nook charger to charge it. Ive since ordered 3 microusb cables from Im not sure if Sprint will replace the cable considering Im over my 30 days.
  12. dakidobf

    dakidobf Well-Known Member

    Mine is a launch day Hardware version 002 and i have the charger port issue. I've used the HTC cable, a Palm Pre cable a Motorola cable and none work. The port is very loose if I put the cable in and wiggle it.

    Took it to a repair store on Friday and they said they couldn't fix it and would be ordering me a replacement. I'm guessing maybe charging the phone in the car where the phone is being moved around must have jarred it loose, but i did the same thing with the TP2 and never had a problem in the year I had it. I think the mini usb is definitely more durable than micro.
  13. werkem

    werkem Active Member

    got my replacement as well on monday. its a refurb but at this point at time i just want a working phone

    hardware version 003 so im happy

    dakidobf, what hardware version? im guess 002
  14. Schwe

    Schwe Member

    Just picked up my replacement earlier today. HW version 003 new phone, build date 7/14. Hopefully won't have any other issues.
  15. Shadax

    Shadax Well-Known Member

    I have a hell of a time charging my phone all of a sudden. I have to put it in a weird position to get it to charge. It's tolerable, but likely will turn into a big problem. Either way, I need a new phone.

    First question: Do I go to BestBuy or Sprint for a replacement?

    Is it free?

    Will I be reimbursed for a new shield? (I have ghost armor on it at the moment)

    Lastly, I have it fully rooted with Fresh's rom. Will this be noticed or should I somehow change this?

    Much appreciated.
  16. First question back: How long ago did you buy it? If less than 30 days, go back to best Buy and they should swap it out with a brand new one. If longer than 30 days, you need to take it to Sprint. They will either give you a new one, or a refurb.

    Yes, the phone has a one year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. As long as there isnt physical damage done to the phone, they should honor it.

    I know for a fact Sprint will not reimburse you for that. Best Buy may give you whatever shield they have in teh store if you complain about it.

    That will definetly be a problem if you take it to Sprint, as rooting voids your warranty. There are a few threads here on how to get your phone back to stock, but they may not always work. I would at least try that if you are going to take it to sprint.
  17. some.devil

    some.devil Well-Known Member

    Are you sure it's the phones port? I've noticed that the usb cable that came with my Evo is what has a loose connection. Will probably have to bring it by the store for an exchange or something...
  18. huggybear101

    huggybear101 Member

    Yea, i'm having the same problem but like some.devil said it's with the usb cable, NOT the phone. Good thing I ordered a car charger and an extra charger a few days after I got the phone. The USB charger will work if you jiggle it though. I figured that out when I really needed to grab some songs from the memory card to my pc.

    Note: Use a different charger to make sure it is the charger NOT the phone before you look like a fool at Best Buy/Sprint...
  19. optikalillusi0n

    optikalillusi0n Well-Known Member

    Just a little confused. What were your symptoms to make you think the usb port was loose in the first place ? and What exactly is loose in the usb cable ? Thanks again!
  20. EasyEEE

    EasyEEE Well-Known Member

  21. JoshUng

    JoshUng Well-Known Member

    Had the same issue, over 30 days, when back to Radio Shack (on the advice of a Sprint Store rep) and Radio Shack replaced it no questions asked.

    Now, when I say "over 30 days" it was like, 33 days. If you've had it longer, like two months, I'm not sure if they'll be as forgiving. Also, you may have different luck since its a different store. If Best Buy is close, definitely worth a shot to see if they'll replace it for you.
  22. Did the repair facility open up your phone the first time because inside the EVO are indicators for water damage and battery leakage. If one of those indicators show your phone touched some water, well they will not replace your phone.
  23. werkem

    werkem Active Member

    no they did not open it and i already received my replacement. there was no water damage
  24. wake69

    wake69 Well-Known Member

    My Evo port did the same. Sprint did not want to swap it, and Radio Shack said i was just outside my 30 days. Called HTC. was going to send to repair center, but decided to call Sprint back after reading this thread and talked to 3 managers and they finally agreed to let me bring to Sprint store and if there was no hardware damage, which i guess means water, drop or visible damage to the port of the phone, they would swap it for me. And glad to say, I will have my NEW Evo on Thursday. Also, my hardware version is 0002, and the phone was bought on launch day.
  25. Catch.22

    Catch.22 Member

    how do you find out your build date? is it marked somewhere?

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