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  1. wake69

    wake69 Well-Known Member

    I have no idea, i just know where to look for the hardware ver #

  2. ceabbott2

    ceabbott2 Well-Known Member

    Don't care about build date purchased 07/12 or 07/14 port is the problem. I have to wiggle the port up to get the charge light indicator. I am currently setting a tv remote on the cable to keep it charging. I have the froyo update so i am going to purchase backup pro before I take it back.:mad: EXTREMELY DISCONCERTING!!! Z shield and seidio case, babied constantly and now this NOT HAPPY!!!!
  3. EasyEEE

    EasyEEE Well-Known Member

    I know with the InvisibleShield, you can take it off and put it back on, if you have the chemical solution. If you don't have the solution, perhaps take it into best buy and borrow their mojo juice they have in the big bottle behind the counter.
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  4. hal3

    hal3 New Member

    I believe some problems are due to the cables.
    I bought some cheapies on Amazon and had all of the problems described in this thread.
    Then I bought another Sprint plug in charger and it worked fine.
    I have a cheapie cable that looks perfect and isn't loose at all but just won't charge the phone. Not to say that you can't break the little booger but it may just be the cable even though it looks perfect.
  5. freeza

    freeza Well-Known Member

    Agreed with the cables. I too thought my port was broken, turns out it was a very cheap cable I bought via a post on this forum. it was like a 2x cables for $6 or something. Horrible quality.

  6. ##786# scroll down to HW number it will say 00002 or 00003
  7. wake69

    wake69 Well-Known Member

    Add the phones sold on release day to the list. Seems that the phones that are doing this are the hardware ver 0002, also if you have the zagg invisisheild, you can get replaced for FREE under their lifetime replacement ploicy if you have registered but you prob have to send old one back. You will however have to pay 3.95 shipping. I ordered my replacement last night so i should have it by the time i get my new EVO on thursday. And i hope the issues are fixed with the new hardware builds bc i love my phone.
  8. RestivoBC

    RestivoBC Well-Known Member

    Build date is marked on the inside of the battery cover. It is kind of hard to see as it is printed very small in black. In the right light you can see it.

    For example, mine is marked "DT10.06.01" for a build date of June 1, 2010.
  9. reynmahker

    reynmahker Member

    my cord that came with it was messed up . I use the one from my pre and its perfect
  10. EasyEEE

    EasyEEE Well-Known Member

    Funny. HTC says

    HTC Mobile Phone Support - HTC EVO? 4G (Sprint) - Power and Battery

    What can I use to charge my phone? close
    Only the AC adapter and USB sync cable provided with your phone should be used to charge the phone.

    I still think it is a combo of charger cables and charging ports. Given my situation with owning 3 EVO's, and how 2 HTC charges only work great on 2 EVO's but not wifes at all... 3rd HTC charger doesnt work on any of 3 phones - feels very loose on all 3. Samsung charger snaps into place on all 3 fine. Well, needs slight messing with for wife's.
  11. maxx2496

    maxx2496 Active Member

    My first launch day EVO stopped charging. I took care of my phone and never accidently mistreated It. Sprint said It was class 4 user damage at one Sprint store I went to. I had no insurance and they said I would need to buy another phone. I talked to customer service they said the same. Then I went to another sprint store and forced them to let another tech look at my phone and explaine how it was classified as consumer damage that the port on my EVO was messed up and wouldn't charged. They then said that the other store shouldn't have told me that and DBR'd (?) my phone . And that they would replace my EVO and honor the HTC 1 year warranty for free. Three days later I was able to exchange my EVO for a new white one. except the tech lady kept the white back and gave me back the black one from the old EVO ..oh well.... so it did make me mad that I had to kinda force and talk Sprint into giving me a replacement EVO at no penalty to me and it seems as if somewhere in Sprint records, they are aware of the evo port/charging issue and they should replace your phone if u have this issue. It's illegal and unethical for them not to. If a company sells a defected product they should be obligated to replace it without penalizing the consumer. All it takes is numerous calls to customer service and complaining...annoying I know
  12. thadrizzle

    thadrizzle Active Member

    hey i got ver 0003 or whatever.- im a little pissed off, just got back from both sprint store and best buy. i bought warranties from both and both of them want me to send it in. sprint being a 100 deductible for some stupid shit that's htc's bad. and best buy to send it in so they can see if they can fix it, if not replace it and they'll give me some piece of shit "loaner" phone in the mean time. either way both people at bb and sprint said the port was broken. both sprint and bb had evo's in stock but neither one wanted to give me a replacement.

    has anyone else had to send theirs in for this problem, and was it fixable? or did you just get a replacement?
  13. CJO

    CJO Member

    Happened to me! Now on my 4th EVO!!!!!!!!

    my 2nd, 3rd, and current EVOs were all version 3. Now I'm having major issues with the 2.2 update after the factory reset and everything. This EVO is turning out to be a crap phone. So dissapointed.
  14. phone*guy

    phone*guy Well-Known Member

    I have about 10 EVO's on our network now and 2 have had the broken USB port...Mine being the second and it happened yesterday...The USB jack pulled out of the phone when I disconnected the car charger. It had been loose for awhile and I knew it was just a matter of time...Both were launch day phones.
  15. ceabbott2

    ceabbott2 Well-Known Member

    My problem is the cord. I was able to get another cable and it charges fine. Are the cables covered under any warranty? I have had this for about 40 days. Will Sprint replace the cable? And after my last tirade about the phone I'll have my crow with a large diet soda.
  16. hlmbus

    hlmbus Member

    My husbands phone stopped charging on Friday 8/20. He called Sprint they directed him to our local service center. They kept it for an hour and said port was bad and have ordered him a new on should arrive Tuesday. We have the protection plan.
  17. mcnutty

    mcnutty Well-Known Member

    Sounds like user error.
  18. tracerit

    tracerit Well-Known Member

    what exactly is "broken" with this problem? the port coming loose?

    i've noticed that the stock USB cable is very tough compared to the monoprice cables which just slide in and out with a very gentle click.
  19. I think the port itself brakes away from the Mother board.
  20. hlmbus

    hlmbus Member

    The tech at Sprint said the port coming away from motherboard is an issue they have seen quite a bit.
  21. JTipton75

    JTipton75 New Member

    Problem started as intermittent charging on my EVO. I thought it was the charger at first and purchased a new one. Problem seemed to come and go. Three days ago it got considerably worse and yesterday it stopped charging all together. I did some research online and found this seems to be a common problem. I called Sprint customer support this morning and explained the problem. The representative looked up the notes from HTC and said it is a known issue that tey just found out about. She said it states the phone has to be taken in to a repair center and only the technicians there can authorize the replacement. She stated this was a requirement from HTC. She said that the tech note states anyone experiencing this problem be placed first on the waiting list and should receive the replacement phone as soon as any Sprint location receives an EVO in stock. I though...COOL.

    I proceeded to the nearest repair center and waited for the verdict. They took my phone apart and found that the charging port had come completely loose from the board (solder was broken). She said this "was from abuse" and refused to do anything. I explained to her that I had looked up the problem online and found it was fairly common. I then informed her that I had already spoked with customer service and they told me it was a known issue. The technician said that they get emailed all known manufacturer problems and that she had not seen anything on this so I must be lying.

    Another technician heard the conversation and took it upon himself to look up the problem. After a few minutes, he walked over and told me that I was right and that it was a bran new tech note. He said that the photograph sent over by HTC regarding the problem matched my phone exactly. He said that they were told it was a very rare problem, but have been informed to replace the phones immediately.

    They happened to have 1 in stock and replaced my phone with no further discussion. My concern here is that if this is a design flaw, what happens when this happens again? Going to be very careful with the port until I find out if this is a true design flaw or if it really is just a rare instance of poor QC.

    Otherwise, I LOVE MY EVO!!
  22. XmemphistoX

    XmemphistoX New Member

    Mine is a bit different. The plastic middle piece that holds the pins is broken. Do you think they would replace mine? I didn't jam anything in it. I pulled out the micro usb cable and saw a piece of plastic just fall out.
  23. wsoldier

    wsoldier Member

    I have v003 and have within the last few weeks noticed the phone stop charging. The amber light stays on, but I have to unplug it and plug it back in for it to resume charging. Seems to happen every other time or so with multiple cables, including the stock HTC cable.
  24. Dubvhydro

    Dubvhydro New Member

    So from what I've read I have a bad port, when I plug in my cable nothing happens or it lights up for a few seconds and stops. I have always thought they needed plastic inserts too keep debris out but they know best right? :confused:
  25. swankydank2001

    swankydank2001 Well-Known Member

    Recently my evo charging port has a short in it....i have to adjust it so it will charge. My ? is. If i take it to sprint will they replace it? Because my girl had a Treo 800W and they wouldnt replace it. This will suck if i would have to pay $100 for something i didnt do. :mad:

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