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  1. boteman

    boteman Well-Known Member

    That's what she said!

  2. Maluko

    Maluko Active Member

    Hopefully this never happens to me. I dont want no one taking my phone apart. And sure as hell dont wanna have them replace with a refurbished. Gotta start being gentle with it. Haha
  3. dark

    dark Active Member

    Alright, Ive been in love with my evo since last june and have had no problems with it. I also constantly dropping my evo and no cracks or scratch, and worked like charm until today... The only one and tiny minor problem caused is the f^&kin charge port being loosen and unable to recharge.

    This gotten me pissed off cause ill have to unroot it and take it back to exchange another unknown condition of next evo (some can be very bitch, some can handle it rough, and such) However, my biggest concern is that i will not able to root second evo easily cause they put the hboot 2.2 on entire new/refurbished evos. BUMMER! :[

    p.s excuse for my censored swears. im just mad and ranted.

  4. You could also take the phone to an electronics repair place and have them re solder the usb pins in. Any legit computer/electronics repair place should be able to make the repair.
  5. dark

    dark Active Member

    Now, im relieved to hear that it is fixable without replacing it, however, can i take it in geek squad at best buy since they are familiar with evo as that im comforted.
  6. emailish

    emailish New Member

    It's very simple, this is my second Evo (which I love more than any other phone I've owned). 1st one actually had the entire micro usb connector unsolder cuz I pushed the charger in to roughly (Got new one from Insurion). this time, I dropped my phone with the charger plugged in and jacked up my jack! I took my phone apart and checked the solder joints on my charging port, all ok (minus a lot of pocket lint in charger/hdmi ports). I cleaned and still no luck. Charger moved loosely from right to left so here's what I did.


    I did it both long ways and across. Fits more snug and charge light stays on. Still not 100% but I don't have to baby it to get the charger to work.

    Hope this helps someone.
  7. StealthTH

    StealthTH Well-Known Member

    Pardon my language but Best Buy doesn't fix shit. They look at it, and send it off. That is all they do with any electronics.
  8. gentry

    gentry New Member

    My turn at the Sprint wheel of luck... My opening day EVO 4G stopped charging one day, more specifically, only charged when the charging cable was held in a certian position, otherwise no charge.

    I saw this thread and tried the closest Sprint corporate store (in Rolling Meadows,IL) where after 45 minutes I was handed my phone, and a reciept with my previously semi-functioning USB port taped to it...

    The clerk, asst. mrg and the manager (Jessica) told me I had to place and insurance claim to get a replacement phone. She explained that any damage to the motherboard was considered physical damage and that Insurance was my only recourse. After explaining that this seemed (based on the posts here) to be a mfg defect, and that it didn't seem fair to have to pay the $100 deductible (I carry the full insurance) she gave me the number for HTC to call.

    I tried another corporate store, in Addison, where I was told the same thing. I then tried the store closest to my home (Bloomingdale,IL) and was comforted by the mgr Bobby, that after Oct 24, Sprint decided that damaged phones (that were not a total loss) and covered under full insurance would be replaced, still through insurance, but without a deducutible!

    He offered an external battery charger to get me by, but apparently the last customer who needed it failed to return it. When all else failed, he gave me a quick charge from another phone and told me the replacement would be in on Monday (today is Friday night).

    Bobby explained that his store was NOT a corporate store, and had more incentive to make me a satisfied, possible re-occuring customer. He definitly put the effort into it, and even though I get to go cold turkey for the weekend, which my wife will appreciate, am happy with the resolution at this point.

    BTW I am typing this from his store, through their Overdrive mobile hotspot :)

    He took it in the repair depot and managed to get the usb port re-attached, although it doesn't look like it's going to charge anymore.
  9. Anti_Social

    Anti_Social Active Member

    My charger port went bad last night on me. I took it the Sprint store a few minutes ago and the guy took it to the back and came about said something about soldering was loose. They ordered me a new one free of charge and it should be here on Weds.
  10. bill875

    bill875 New Member

    Do you have TEP coverage or was it replaced under the 1-year warranty?
  11. Anti_Social

    Anti_Social Active Member

    He said something about the insurance policy changed so its free now if you have insurance and $35 for the replacement if you don't. He said I was getting a brand new phone though. We'll see on Weds.
  12. boteman

    boteman Well-Known Member

    WTF? Are you guys using your Evo like a yo-yo or something? I've seen the USB port and it doesn't look that fragile to me.
  13. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Others reported easy separation of the USB port from the board due to those units having (essentially) bad soldering jobs.

    It doesn't take abuse to get a product with no-noes that made it past QA at the factory.
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  14. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    Well out of the 2 EVO's, one of them has finally gotten this charging port issue. :eek: Since both were bought from Radio Shack on day 1 of them being sold, they are out of the Radio Shack 30day warranty. I will therefore back up everything on the EVO that has the problem tonight and tomorrow take it to the Corporate store near me to see if they can replace it.

    Will post the outcome.

    Version 00002
    Build date April 27, 2010
    and I have TEP on all my devices.

    TS out
  15. Braaainz

    Braaainz Well-Known Member

    I hate to side with old Bettermost, but I'm now on my third Evo.

    I got a version 2 early on and it always worked great. Then last week, it stopped charging with all my chargers. Sprint store said it was a known issue and got me a refurbished version 3 within a couple days.

    Fromthe moment I turned it on in the store, I had problems. light leakage, constantly loading and re-loading of the home pages and calendar, etc.

    I ordered another replacement then and there. I just got it the other day.

    Version 2, and it is working great except the metal mesh at the top is crinkled.
  16. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Well-Known Member

    I just had mine fail tonight. Going to Sprint store tomorrow. God I hope they replace with a new phone. I hate refurbs.
  17. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Geez - wishing you all my serious-est best luck guys! :(
  18. jiggy79

    jiggy79 Well-Known Member

    Didn't realize this was a big issue with the usb port. I just tooked mine into Best Buy last night. So hopefully they can fix it or simply issue me a brand new phone. HW Ver 002, purchased on Launch Day.
  19. CarolinaKev

    CarolinaKev New Member

    I had my Evo for 32 days until the charge port became an issue. I didn't drop it, just one day you had to get the charger just right and not touch the phone once it was charging or you'd have to find the sweet spot with it again.

    Sprint already replaced it, new one is working fine after having it for a few days.
  20. Anti_Social

    Anti_Social Active Member

    They tried to give me a white EVO and I politely declined. I got a new black one and I'm having no problems although I'm paranoid that this is going to happen again and soon lol.
  21. Brian Rubin

    Brian Rubin Well-Known Member

    Hey y'all, how are ya? I just found out today that my 003 EVO has a broken USB port. This is mostly my fault, since I keep it charged all the time and move it around in the car and next to the bed as an alarm clock.

    I plan to change my behavior by actually getting an alarm clock and not charging the phone on short trips, or if I do, don't move it around without unplugging it first.

    That being said, do y'all know what else I could do to prevent this happening in the future?

  22. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Well-Known Member

    Not much can be done. It's a manufacturer defect.
  23. Its either a design flaw or a soldering defect. Not much you can do. Get it fixed under warranty hopefully you will get an updated version.
  24. Brian Rubin

    Brian Rubin Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. I also had to pay the deductible, so I'm confused as to how some folks got around that.
  25. Sabre66

    Sabre66 Well-Known Member

    If its a manufacturing defect then you shouldn't be charged for repair or replacement. If you put it through insurance then that's why you paid the deductible. Call Sprint and see if they can help you.

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