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Broken in 3 days - Otterbox DefenderAccessories

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  1. EVOid

    EVOid Active Member

    I bought the Otterbox Defender Case and was not impressed at all with the quality. The kickstand broke the second day and snapped off completely on the third day. Btw, I work in an office and use the kickstand to set the phone up landscape style...not exactly a rough atmosphere.

    I called Otterbox and they said they will either replace or refund the money. I am leaning towards getting another type of case provided that there is one available. Last I checked the Ballistic cases weren't even out yet.

    I really couldn't believe that this broke so quickly. :mad:

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  2. offtheRIM

    offtheRIM Well-Known Member

    I've been using mine for about a week now with no problems, though I don't use the kickstand much. So far...solid...I like it.
    Other thoughts: Just when you thought the Evo was big....put this Otterbox on it...wow!
  3. Peoples-2

    Peoples-2 Member

    You're not the only one. I defended the kickstand the day I got mine and now I'm eating my words.

    My kickstand is cracking and will probably break off completely if I use it much more. If you read the reviews on OB's site many others are having the same issue.

    I emailed them over a week and a half ago with pictures and have yet to receive a response. I am pretty disappointed.

    (Besides the kickstand issue, I love the case!)
  4. evoX2

    evoX2 Well-Known Member

    Ive put it on its kickstand like 2 times and no more. It already has a hairline fracture running down the middle of it.

    Overall im a fan of the case but they got cheap on the kickstand.
  5. EVOid

    EVOid Active Member

    I just don't know if I can love the other attributes of the case because now they are coming at the cost of eliminating the function of one of the features that I really liked and used quite often.
  6. EVOid

    EVOid Active Member

    I just don't know if I can love the other attributes of the case because now they are coming at the cost of eliminating the function of one of the features that I really liked and used quite often.
  7. thedonk13

    thedonk13 Well-Known Member

    if you're not loving your OB defender case, but are tired of waiting on Ballistic to drop their HC case, head over to Trident cases. It's about 34ish bucks shipped from their site and i got mine literally 3 days from the moment i pressed the order confirmation button. The cases aren't uber protectve like the OB defender, but its a lot better than anything else out there and should tide you over till Ballistic drops the EVO. According to Ballistcs FB page, the evo case should be out sometime within the first half of December. I'm betting on first week.
  8. evoX2

    evoX2 Well-Known Member

    Does the ballistic have a functioning kickstand? Thats my only problem right now with getting another big case.
  9. Peoples-2

    Peoples-2 Member

    Chris from Otterbox:

    "We are investigating this issue."
  10. edlex

    edlex Well-Known Member

    I haven't used the kickstand since I got it at launch and now that I'm reading about how delicate it is I'm glad I didn't. I'll wait to see if they re-design the case and then try and get a warranty swap. Until then I'll just prop it up against something if I need to.
  11. EVOid

    EVOid Active Member

    I e-mailed Otterbox and they offered me a replacement or a refund. Since I can't see the same thing not happening again, I asked for the refund.
  12. Peoples-2

    Peoples-2 Member

    When did you email them? I emailed them over a week and a half ago...:mad:
  13. EVOid

    EVOid Active Member

    It took them about 2-3 days to get back to me once I sent the email. Is send another if I were you.
  14. sheldonbotha

    sheldonbotha Member

    Yep, my case is a few weeks old in total, used the kickstand maybe 10 times, and mine broke in that exact same place.
    I wish they had just made a friggin stainless steel kickstand, like what the Evo has standard.

    I dont even understand why they hollowed out the underside so much on that clip, just crappy design.

    I wish the dang Ballistics would come out, but at least it appears like they are QAing it properly.
  15. Peoples-2

    Peoples-2 Member

    I sent them a follow-up a week after. And I sent another last night after I read your comment.


  16. mitchellvii

    mitchellvii Well-Known Member

    Guys, if you want fast action from Otterbox (my kickstand broke too), just call them and sit on hold for like 20 minutes while you do other things, they DO eventually answer.

    I ordered an Impact (which I now love) and had the rest credited back to my card. They did not require me to return the case - so I guess I also have a free Defender Case with no kickstand - lol.
  17. mitchellvii

    mitchellvii Well-Known Member

    What amazes me is how it took them 6 months to design the thing and one of the most important parts was a complete fail. If you look at the stand, you can see they made it very thin in the middle (for no particular reason as it doesn't improve appearance or functionality). Anyway, the thin area is too thin and cracks. If they had just left the kickstand a solid piece if plastic it would have been fine.
  18. 53fireman

    53fireman Member

    Mine's cracked too, email sent.
  19. v2lo

    v2lo New Member

    Mine did the same thing. It's been a week and still no replacement. I'm calling them to get a refund. Apparently they're working on redesigning it. not going to wait.
  20. cajunman4life

    cajunman4life Well-Known Member

    Cracked, email sent.

    I never even used the dang thing, save for opening it once or twice to see how it worked.

    Waiting to see the reviews on the newly released Ballistic case.
  21. crow11ad

    crow11ad Well-Known Member

    Mine broke too...cracked...I had to super glue the pieces back and then put the kick stand back in the case. I love the case, but the thin plastic kick stand is kind of :(.

    I know the Balistic is released Monday, but I want the black and red one.
  22. evoX2

    evoX2 Well-Known Member

    Mine finally broke off. Was the first time I tried to open it up after seeing the fracture.

    So has customer service been pretty good with all the complaints?
  23. crow11ad

    crow11ad Well-Known Member

    Still waiting on email. I know when I tried to call yesterday, I was 20th person in the que but could not wait. Thing is my otterbox was a gift and did not buy it and it was bought from a 3rd party.

    Mine kick stand is now held together by super glue and electrical tape. It works, but I dont know. For a case that is supposed be a defender and the kick stand is this fragile?

    May go with the ballistic.
  24. sheldonbotha

    sheldonbotha Member

    I emailed them a while back, didnt hear a word for about 2 weeks, I'm guessing they are under heavy load with the orders and the issues.
    They contacted me back about 2 weeks later and offered to send a brand new case free of charge, which is pretty awesome.

    I'm no engineer, but looking at how the kickstand clips in, I would have thought a better option than just giving away cases would be to stamp out some steel stands that have some form of pin that gets pushed out via a spring.
    That way the new one could just have the pins pushed in on both sides, popped in place and releasing would allow the pin to shoot back into the 2 holes holding it.

    I guess they are just in a panic to try and keep people positive about this whole thing.

    Cant complain about the service though.

  25. edlex

    edlex Well-Known Member

    Did they ask you to return the broken case?

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