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  1. salguod

    salguod Active Member

    My daughter got a Stratosphere for Christmas. Yesterday she dropped it from a modest height (under a foot) on our hardwood floor and now she has what appears to be a cracked LCD. The outer glass is intact but there are cracks under the surface and the phone won't turn on, or at least the display doesn't work.

    Is this phone fragile? It seems that it shouldn't have broken when dropped from such a modest height. I have insurance so it will get replaced, but I'm concerned that it broke so easily. She even had a hard case on it, I think it was a Rocketfish snap on cover.

    I wasn't going to keep the insurance active, but now I'm wondering if I should.

  2. Scur

    Scur Well-Known Member

    Insurance is worth it's weight in gold. And I guess the Strat doesn't have Gorilla Glass so you could say it's a bit fragile, but I'm surprised it broke from such a short fall.
  3. shrpshtr325

    shrpshtr325 Well-Known Member

    i have had some bad experiences with hard cases causing devices to be more easily damaged (my sisters old phone for example, she knocked it off the couch onto a carpeted floor and cracked the screen, she got it replaced and gave up on the case, knocked it off the table onto a hardwood floor a number of times, never had another issue with it)

    my stratosphere has taken a couple of falls itself already and is just fine (i dont have any case on it at all, just a screen protector) my experience leads me to believe that NO the stratosphere is NOT a fragile phone, she must have just hit it the right way or with an object shaped correctly
  4. salguod

    salguod Active Member

    It may have Gorilla glass, the outer glass is intact, it's the screen itself underneath that's cracked.

    I've not been a believer in insurance, for the money I just buy a new screen or a used device off of eBay if I have an issue. We have 3 Droid Incredibles in the house without insurance and I've replaced screens twice and resurrected one from a toilet dunk twice. The $50 it's cost me is about 2 months of insurance over the 3 devices.

    If the insurance didn't make money for the carriers, they wouldn't offer it. Most folks pay more than they get back.

    Interesting thought that the case might be the problem. Might think about having her go caseless.
  5. heckbill

    heckbill Member

    I had the same problem last week...broke the screen...but picking up a screen to replace it isnt so i could find price wise was 135.00. they r not going cheap... ouch!
  6. salguod

    salguod Active Member

    Phone is out for replacement, but since it's so new it's going to take 2-3 weeks. Thankfully Best Buy gave us an LG Revolution (?) loaner.

    I wonder if the screen is so pricey because it's new and will come down over time. Has that been the case with other phones?
  7. 007lemming

    007lemming New Member

    This phone has a serious design flaw that causes the lcd to crack with a very minimal amount of pressure or stress. The rest of the phone (including the outer screen) will show no signs of wear or abuse. I work at a wireless store, and I see at least two stratospheres a week with the same problem. Noone wants to admit that there is a problem with this phone, but I wouldn't recomend it to anyone.
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  8. salguod

    salguod Active Member

    Great, maybe I'll keep that insurance after all ...
  9. shrpshtr325

    shrpshtr325 Well-Known Member

    im not buying it, mine has gone across the room a couple of times already and the screen is just fine (it even bounced off the corner of my desk w/o taking any damage)

  10. salguod

    salguod Active Member

    Yeah, I noticed after I posted that 007lemming just joined and has only posted this one time. A questionable source at this point.
  11. p_025

    p_025 Well-Known Member

    I work for Target Mobile and I've not had a single Stratosphere come back with this problem. Myself, I've dropped my phone at work, onto Target's hard tile floors. The thing seems like a tank, it doesn't show any wear at all from it, and this is WITH the extended battery.

    Phones (good phones) are built to last, unless you do stupid shit with them or just get very unlucky. I've never gotten a case for any phone I've ever owned, and I've broken zero phones despite many, many drops. A case is a waste of your damn money, and in this case it looks like it's the problem, not the solution.
  12. salguod

    salguod Active Member

    Whether the case is the problem or not remains to be seen, but I'm with you, I've never had a case or screen protector on any of my phones and had no issues. Maybe I'll convince her to give up the case, but it's such a pretty blue and she loves blue, LOL.
  13. dirtygoat

    dirtygoat Member

    Hey guys... As you can tell by my post count, I'm new to this forum... I understand this thread is a month old, but thought you whould know...

    Two days ago(Sun) I went up to Mt. Rainier with a large group of friends to let our kids play in the snow... I pulled out my Strat to take some pics and when I turned it on the LCD under the glass was broken... Well, I jumped on google the next morning and there seems to be an issue with freezing temps cracking the LCD... No damage to the phone other than the cold crack... Verizon told me it was damaged because of extreme weather conditions and would not be covered...

    There are threads on the Verizon site about this issue...

    I ended up using another upgrade on our account and got the Razr...

    Good luck to all the strat owners out there...

  14. dcooterfrog

    dcooterfrog Well-Known Member

    i didn't even knowtice th elcd was broken untill after I called them telling them my phone display was speckeled.

    I ddidn't drop it, the glass was fine.

    they sent me a new one. under waaranty. (but I ddidn't tell them the lcd was broken because i didn tknow t was. it was just all speckeld, not dark)
  15. applehead

    applehead New Member

    I lost my screen as well. I did it by trying to take off the protective cover to reset my battery. I've been very careful with my phone, no drops, protector, keep it clean and don't use it most of the day due to restrictions in work place. I love the style of this phone and the keyboard but the screen has a design flaw. We have had a dozen android phones within the family, teenage boys included, and this is the only broken screen we've had!
  16. myherojack24

    myherojack24 Member

    I dropped mine from about 2 feet and the inner screen broke. The outside "gorilla glass" was fine. You could hardly tell it was broken (well other than the fact that it didn't come on) but had to look at it in certain light to see the damage under the first layer.

    I had only had it for like 2 weeks and it was the first time I had opted for the insurance, glad I did. I will now keep insurance on my phone as long as it costs an obscene amount to replace it. I'm thinking at least the first year.

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