Broken Nandroid backup

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  1. rdoac

    rdoac Well-Known Member

    I had CM10 daily on my sons Mes, from 10272012. I did a Nandoid backup using Clockworkmod (I think 6), and then proceeded to try and do an upgrade to the latest Daily, knowing that I could restore the Nandroid if it went wrong.

    At some point I guess CM10 went from 10 to 10.1 so the upgrade didn't work well, so I went to restore the Nandroid prior to backing it all up and starting from scratch. However, on restore, when the phone starts I get Trebuchet has stopped working over and over again and can't get to any sort of launcher in order to back things up.

    I have read that I can get the SMS/MMS's out of the phone using AppExtrator 2.0 beta and/or Titanium Backup Pro, but both seem to go through the motions but then give up.

    Anyone have any tips as to how to extract (at the very least) the text messages in the nandroid backup?

    I am fairly OK with Linux, so don't mind delving into the terminal if necessary.

  2. rdoac

    rdoac Well-Known Member

    Ok Fixed. Unpacked the datadata archive and scp'd the messages back into the mesmerize.

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