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Broken Screen After DropSupport

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  1. astrocreeep

    astrocreeep New Member

    Yesterday my boyfriend dropped his S2 at work, and now the screen won't come on. I work at Target, so I asked the mobile department what his options were. They told me he would either have to have insurance on the phone, or purchase a whole new phone. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this? His buttons on the bottom light up, and you can clearly see scratches in the screen, but nothing comes up.

  2. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    If you are sure it's a damaged screen then the replacement is probably the only thing that's going to fix it. The glass and the digitizer are sold as a unit so you'll have to buy the whole assembly. From what I can see it will be around $175 ~ $180 U.S. for the part.

    Samsung Galaxy S II I777 Complete Screen Assembly - Parts4repair.Com

    New AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II 2 i777 LCD Display + Touch Digitizer Screen Assembly

    *I am not endorsing these vendors, it's just a few i found for you with a quick search.

    Just so you know, that even if you had the insurance at $5 a month, there is a $125 deductible plus shipping to the service center so you wouldn't have saved anything.

    If you want to do this yourself, watch this.

    Samung Galaxy S2 i777 Disassembly Take Apart by DurapowerGlobal.com - YouTube
  3. raywright1

    raywright1 Member


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