Brower and play store not working after gingerbread updateSupport

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  1. Fazalca

    Fazalca New Member

    I have upgraded my IDEOS X5 with ginger bread from hawei website.. now look and feel is awsome, wifi hotspot isworking, performance got increesed, but my browser is not connecting to internet. also when I try to download/update software from paystore it shows downloading but nothing is happening..

    i have downloaded chrome apk and installed it.. no luck, issue is sme I couldnt connect to internet..

    I wonder if anybody can help me.


  2. Fazalca

    Fazalca New Member

    I have taken back of the application before the upgrade so skype, nimbuzz, teamviewer etc is working perfectly alright except browser and the playstore
  3. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Hi, when you Downloaded the Update from Huawei, did you unpack and read the Upgrade Guidline?
    I Downloaded from Huawei > U8800V100R001C00B526G001 and printed the Guideline and I had no problems at all. Everything works smoothly. Neil.

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