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  1. Anyone have the original browser .apk? Titanium has failed to restore this app for me.

  2. Cheezee292

    Cheezee292 Active Member

    Here ya go

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  3. reeshmd23

    reeshmd23 Member

    can someonr repost this one fails to install
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  4. Cheezee292

    Cheezee292 Active Member

    Sorry about that try this one.

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  5. reeshmd23

    reeshmd23 Member

    still dosnt work
  6. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    try this, unzip and place into your /system/app folder

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  7. RomanDj

    RomanDj New Member

    Hi i need default Browser.apk for Android 2.2.2 , LG optimus Me. (p350g)
  8. fcortes626

    fcortes626 Well-Known Member

    this forum is for samsung galaxy prevail.
  9. JenaR

    JenaR Member

    Tried copying and pasting the browser file to my system/app folder, it won't paste. Any suggestions?
  10. Dandnj1

    Dandnj1 Well-Known Member

    check to make sure the system/app folder is set to R/W permissions
  11. JenaR

    JenaR Member

    OK, I feel completely stupid haha, where do I go to check?
  12. Dandnj1

    Dandnj1 Well-Known Member

    first that depends on what file manager software you are using .. i like root explorer myself, since i believe not all of them can gain root rights for the dir you need, i also think es file explorer can do it
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  13. JenaR

    JenaR Member

    I got it using ES, thanks so much!
  14. Dandnj1

    Dandnj1 Well-Known Member

    great glad you got it sorted out :cool:
  15. buksaovidiu

    buksaovidiu New Member

    I have an Huawei X1 (Orange Stockholm) and i deleted by mistake the internet browser. any attemps of restoring it have failed. can you guys give a solution? or, better, a way of reinstalling android on this phone?


    ps: i managed to get the application to be
  16. DWILSON48625

    DWILSON48625 Well-Known Member

    using es file explorer also. i think I can only see sd card folders. How do I get into my internal folders?

    Thx Dj

    Edit: nm... must check the "up to root" box in settings.

    also get :failed to install" message. Do both the apk. and odex file go into system/app folder?
  17. DWILSON48625

    DWILSON48625 Well-Known Member

    I too have tried all these posted with no install...

    Heres how i got stock back:

    download halfass rom to ur computer.(dont flash it, just open it for the file)

    use 7zip to open

    browse to system/apps then browser.apk (of halfass rom zip)

    send to ur phones sd card

    use es file explorer to drop into system/app on internal memory




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  18. DWILSON48625

    DWILSON48625 Well-Known Member

    Deleted-- over posted

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