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  1. kysleddogs

    kysleddogs Member

    New Asus Slider sl101...browser seems to frequently force close as in with the error message, or just close suddenly no error message at all. I have tried factory resetting once already in case I had downloaded something that wasn`t playing nice, but the issue persists. Stock everything.

    Anybody else with this problem? Suggestions? I really want to like this!

    Apologies also if i missed this in search..i did not see as applicable to slider.


  2. wake69

    wake69 Well-Known Member

    Have you tried, settings applications all apps, find browser then clear data

    also, does this happen with another browser from the market?
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  3. kysleddogs

    kysleddogs Member

    I have not tried specifically clearing the data, but the issue did recur immediately following the factory data reset. Have not tried a different browser, but will do. Is this a known issue? Why send equipment with a browser that doesnt work? Meantime, will check alt browser.

    May I ask you, as I am not seeing a lot anywhere on the slider, are you happy with yours? Find it generally stable? I just got it, so it's not too late to return. I am not opposed to rooting either if it makes for a more stable experience.

  4. kysleddogs

    kysleddogs Member

    Boat Browser crashes/force closes too. Sooo frustrated. Should I give up on this model while I can or what?
  5. wake69

    wake69 Well-Known Member

    I have had my slider since release and have had 0 issues with it. The stock browser has not forceclosed on me once. no apps have. did you do a full factory reset? like delete all apps and such? it sounds like its a rogue app
  6. BrownKibbe

    BrownKibbe New Member

    Hi, Beth.

    I know your post is older, but wondered what you decided to do or if you ever found a fix. I have had mine since December 2011 and I still have this problem. It is to the point of extreme frustration since we have a vacation coming up and it really ruins the portability issue if you can't even use the browser!!! I've also been using it a lot more lately to shop for items for the trip and so I have been more exposed to its "Force Close" in browser issues lately and it's driving me absolutely crazy!

    And, then to see where Wake69 has had absolutely 0 problems, well, I'm about ready to throw it away! I guess I just kept thinking that they'd update with a new browser or something or at least be able to find others with this problem and a subsequent fix, but nothing and very few posts having the same problem.

    Did we just get stuck with stinkers??? I would appreciate any help.



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