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  1. ericbergan

    ericbergan Member

    When I bring up the browser, it goes to, no matter what I set the home page to. (And the home page setting does show what I have changed it to.) Are others seeing this, and is there some way around it?


  2. Bandage

    Bandage Well-Known Member

    Had the same's how I fixed it.

    While in the browser, on that sprint page hit menu button. Then select New Window. I then went to in the new window. Hit menu, then More, then Settings. Scroll down to Set Home Page, select. Then Click Use Current Page, then OK and back out of menu.

    Now...back on the window showing Google, hit Menu, then Windows option. It will show both Windows currently open. Click the minus sign next to the Sprint Window to remove that window. Now you exit out of the browser...and when you launch again Google will be your home page. (or whatever you chose)
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  3. ericbergan

    ericbergan Member

    Not obvious, but definitely does the trick! Thanks!

  4. gum

    gum Member

    Strange, I just set it on the browser settings. After a reboot, it worked.

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