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  1. Starbuckpga

    Starbuckpga Well-Known Member

    Anyone else have this issue with their Nexus? If I am on a forum and typing a response, when I type, the screen doesn't follow my typing. Meaning I have to stop typing, then scroll over to make sure I didn't misspell anything. Then when I start typing again it goes all the way back to the left of the forum on the screen again. Even if I manage to put my cursor over where I am typing. I've tried the stock browser and the Dolphin browser, both seem to do it.

    Also, is there not an auto spellchecker built into the browsers either? That's another issue I've noticed.

  2. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    The nexus has javascript problems. I have brought it up on several occassions or several forums. It seems most are just ignoring it.
  3. Starbuckpga

    Starbuckpga Well-Known Member

    Any chance the update getting ready to be released would fix this issue? I am on several forums quite often and must say it is really annoying. Quite disappointing.
  4. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    I agree, it is very annoying. There is one forum I can't use at all because it leaves a page of blank space after the entered text.

    I hope there will be a fix for it soon. I submitted a javascript bug report to google, others have as well for different problems with javascript.
    I believe the developer of Dolphin HD also submitted a bug report.
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  5. jamisont

    jamisont Well-Known Member

    Im testing this to see if i get anyproblem with typing... so far no problem i see with it. I see what u mean now lol. Its annoying dmnit...##$%%
  6. PhilosoRaptor

    PhilosoRaptor Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I know exactly what you're talking about, OP. It's very annoying. It seems to be a bit more manageable in landscape mode though. Another thing that makes it worse is that when you try to place the cursor back somewhere to edit a word, the cursor doesn't stay where you put it and jumps around everywhere which makes it a pain to edit anything. I have to bring up the keyboard arrows (in Swype, not sure if the stock keyboard has arrows to move the cursor) and manually move the cursor to get it to go where I want.
  7. Starbuckpga

    Starbuckpga Well-Known Member

    Heh yeah I forgot to mention this as well. I was trying to edit something over the holidays, almost got so pissed and threw my Nexus against the wall. I was pissed...lol.
  8. vandyman

    vandyman Well-Known Member

    If you are on a forum, use the forum app.

    Android Forums app;
  9. BubbaNexus

    BubbaNexus Well-Known Member

    yes! thought i was the only one. editing and typing on these forums is a pain in the ass lol

    i'm sure the update will fix it (hopefully lol)

    you sure don't hear anyone reporting this bug for some reason....
  10. Starbuckpga

    Starbuckpga Well-Known Member

    This is fine as long as you are using this forum. However I am a member of several other forums with various topics that do not have this option. It's been suggested, but still does not fix the issue at hand.
  11. crankerchick

    crankerchick Well-Known Member

    Tapatalk is a forum app that supports many MANY forums. I use it on my XOOM because browser on Honeycomb has the worse lag ever in typing in certain kind of webpages, like forums.
    It doesn't help with non-forum pages, but it's at least a work around for forums.

    I was hoping this would all get addressed in ICS.
  12. knavs

    knavs New Member

    Im having different issues with my browser, i probably should not term it an issue I just don't know how to do it and have searched the net for the last hour with no luck.

    I have saved the wrong password and user name into the browser and like an idiot got the browser to remember the username and password. Now im trying remove the wrong password and username but have no clue in doing so.

    Anyone know where the password manager (or work around) is on the galaxy nexus stock browser?

    Im on 4.0.1
  13. AndroidFeign

    AndroidFeign Member

    I don't know if you have figured this out yet but it's pretty simple. Open the browser pull down the page so the minimize and menu options come up. Select the menu option(three vertical squares) and then settings. Select Privacy and Security and then scroll all the way to the bottom. Clear passwords is the option you want. I'm on 4.0.3 but I think it's the same.
  14. BubbaNexus

    BubbaNexus Well-Known Member

    come to think of it, my last two android phones had this too. android just has a crappy browser.
  15. JM33

    JM33 Well-Known Member

    I find this quite annoying also. Almost as annoying as trying to use the "Search this Thread" feature at the top. You know the one that opens a search box that disappears before you can start typing.
  16. ngforever1989

    ngforever1989 Active Member

    I think this is worthy of a bump, because I'm running jellybean on gnexus and its still a major problem for me
  17. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    The 4.0.4 ICS update fixed this for me. I don't have a problem in JB either. What browser are you using? I use Chrome mostly but see no issues with the stock 'browser' either.
  18. ngforever1989

    ngforever1989 Active Member

    stock browser as well. I also get the problem with the search function, but even bigger problem i get with it is after the search box disappears my keyboard fails and dooesnt type anything. it happens allot actually and have to completely close my browser to get it working. it happens in the stock text app aswell. on top of that sometimes I'll be typing and letters I'll type will automatically backspace themselves. it all happens with stock keyboard and Swype.
  19. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    Well the search box is still a problem but I never have a keyboard issue. Not sure if the search box is an android problem or a coding issue.

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