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Browser issues - please helpSupport

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  1. rainyday

    rainyday New Member

    Hi Friends,

    i am using the Acer Liquid E Ferrari - Android 2.2...facing issue with the default browser provided...applications like gmail and facebooks work well using GPRS, but when I try to open the browser and enter the url of any normal or mobile or WAP website, it gives me the message "Web page not available"...I tried to go to settings and see if I could find anything to fix but did not. What could be the issue...probably corrupt browser s/w...if that is the case how do I load the same browser which had come with the phone...I tried using Opera Mini - it works but is not as lite and fast as the one provided by Acer in the phone.

    Request to provide kind inputs.


  2. johnnycarrson

    johnnycarrson Member

    Hello Sam,
    Does it make a difference if you are on wifi or 3G? You also might want to look at disabling any browser plugins that are currently enabled.

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