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  1. D3TOX

    D3TOX Member

    Got my Legend last week, fantastic phone. However, I was on (mobile view) earlier using the standard browser and after I had performed a search, if I pressed on the top seach box to edit what I had searched for rather than bringing up the keyboard it scrolls me to the bottom of the page and shows the bottom search box and zooms in quite far.

    I tested this in both orientations and it still did the same thing. Has anyone else noticed this? Or is it just me?

  2. GeoffBot

    GeoffBot Well-Known Member

    That doesn't happen for me. Is it only google that does that? What about other search engines?
  3. D3TOX

    D3TOX Member

    Yes it's just google. The first time i press in the search box it will highlight the box green and put the cursor in it, zoom in a bit but the keyboard won't come up. Second press brings the keyboard up. If a search has already been performed, then as first post happens. Dolphin browser doesnt seem to do this but I dont want to have to migrate to dolphin just because of this! It doesnt really reduce functionality but is annoying none the less. No one else experience this?
  4. D3TOX

    D3TOX Member

    I fixed this yesterday; with the 'Show pages in mobile view' option unticked Google was showing its full page and causing the problems as described. Have since ticked the mobile view option and all is as should be. Still a bit strange though... Cheers for replying Geoffbot.

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