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  1. chairface

    chairface Member

    I recently installed GOT 2.2.1 on my motorola milestone and then installed all my apps that could be to my SD card. I had about 60 or 70 mb left.

    While I was playing xbox my phone informed me that it had low memory. I checked the size of all my apps and my browser was taking up 50mb! I cleared the data and cashe and it was back to 288kb. then half an hour latter after i fixed all my bookmarks (only about 4 or 5) and changed the plug-ins to 'on demand', it was back up to 20-25mb. :eek:

    Ive tried it multiple times and its has happened repeatably.

    Any idea on what the problem is?
    thanks in advance :)

  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Are you using any graphics intensive websites? The browser caches a lot of stuff to make sure web sites open faster next time you open them. If a website has a lot of graphics the browser caches them and that takes a lot of space.

    If your phone is rooted, the best option would be to get Cache MAte that will automaitcally clear the caches from time to time for you.
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  3. chairface

    chairface Member

    thanks, i checked the cashe but it was always under 1mb.
    Its that data that grows, I have found out that it only grows when the browser opens so if I dont open it, it will stay the same size.

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