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Browser that will wrap text after resizingSupport

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  1. whiterice25

    whiterice25 New Member

    One of the most annoying things for me so far is having to pan left and right to read all the text after I zoom in. Is it the browser or is it a phone setting I've tried to stock I've tried the dolphin hd and both of them to not on the rap text for you. Let me know if you find some that works.

    Thank you

  2. DaddyCee

    DaddyCee Well-Known Member

    its strange as Dolphin use to wrap the text on my HTC Desire handset, so cant see why it doesnt handle the SG3. I've heard that Chrome does handle this so may be worth trying.
  3. scooz16

    scooz16 Well-Known Member

    Chrome no worky
  4. kayst

    kayst Well-Known Member

    I really miss the text reflow from my Incredible too, but found a work-around that's working pretty good for me, at least for the sites I use most often. I played around with the text size and default zoom when you double tap. Not sure exactly which setting changed what, but I found a good mix so that when I double tap, it zooms to just the right level and fits the text.

    In the stock browser, menu/settings/accessibility
    check Force Zoom
    scale text is set to 100%
    zoom amount on double tap set to 115%
    Minimum font size set to 17pt

    In Settings/Advanced
    Default Zoom set to medium
    auto-fit pages is checked

    Just play with the sliders until you get something you like.
  5. justaneonlol

    justaneonlol Well-Known Member

    Opera does it for me.
  6. Rachel A

    Rachel A Well-Known Member

    Boat seems to work for me on both FroYo and ICS.
  7. you2

    you2 Well-Known Member

    xscope is ok for this sort of thing.
  8. ragingcat

    ragingcat Member

    justaneonlol, Thanks Opera also worked for me when I zoom in it automatically fits on screen
  9. justaneonlol

    justaneonlol Well-Known Member

    That's why I use it. I can't use any other browser than Opera.
  10. ceva321

    ceva321 Well-Known Member

    Omg Opera is amazing for text wrapping. :)

    Opera I love you
  11. masher64

    masher64 New Member

    I posted this on another thread last night which is the solution for the word wrap issue:

    1) open the browser
    2) touch the left menu button at the bottom of the phone and scroll to the Settings option (its the last item at the bottom of the menu)
    3) select Advanced
    4) Check the "Auto fit pages" option

    When viewing a page you can then pinch and stretch the screen to resize the font size, then double tap the screen to get the text to wrap at the correct size.

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  12. Ken1San

    Ken1San New Member

    New JB 4.1.2 doesn't have the advanced button in the settings menu and can't word wrap at all, what to do without changing the stock browser.
  13. doc1964

    doc1964 Well-Known Member

    Boat browser has been recommended in so many postings. Do a search for text reflow.
  14. john_g

    john_g Well-Known Member

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