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Browser/video not supportedGeneral

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  1. saugen48

    saugen48 Active Member

  2. CapeNick

    CapeNick Member

    I haven't tested this myself, but if the video is flash you'll need the puffin browser, its in the play store and as far as i know its the easiest, if not only, way to stream flash videos. The other option is bs player, also in the play store. If you use bs player and clicking the link to stream the video doesn't ask if you want to open the stream with bs player you'll need to add the stream manually to bs player (i have no idea how to do this, but i know it can be done. My best guess is puffin will fix the issue.

    Hope this helped :)
  3. saugen48

    saugen48 Active Member

    The Puffin browser seems to work, but I notice that the embedded flash is only good for 14 days unless you get more users yada yada yada..So will have to keep my eyes open for something else..thanks

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