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  1. AmericanJoe

    AmericanJoe Active Member

    When I first started using an Android phone, I was surprised to see the multiple web browser apps available.

    Below is a list of popular mobile web browsers. Each one claims to be the fastest. What's your take? Is one better than the other? Are some better at certain tasks that others?

    Andoromeda Browser
    Angel Browser
    Boat Browser
    Boat Browser Mini
    BOLT Browser
    Dolphin Browser™ HD
    Dolphin Browser™ Mini
    Galapagos Browser
    Maxthon Browser
    Ninesky Browser
    Opera Mini
    Opera Mobile
    Puffin Web Browser
    Skyfire Web Browser 4.0
    Sleipnir Mobile - Web Browser
    Stock Browser
    UC Browser 8
    xScope Browser - Web & File


  2. darkrequiem

    darkrequiem Well-Known Member

    I did like Skyfire a lot but all the options were a bit much. I am currently using Google's Chrome Browser on my Android. Just like the desktop version, this one is pretty fast and doesn't bog down my phone. I like it, just my two cents.
  3. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    Dolphin HD.
  4. AmericanJoe

    AmericanJoe Active Member

    Isn't that the stock browser?

    Why Dolphin HD? From a user standpoint, how is it different from the mini?

  5. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Well-Known Member

    I go with Dolphin HD usually because it is pretty fast, pretty nice and offers some customization options which really make it a great contender.

    However, atm I am running stock browser for ice cream sandwich because I like the tabbing system it has.
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  6. AmericanJoe

    AmericanJoe Active Member

    I'm giving Dolphin HD a try. Add-Ons I've installed are Last Pass, Desktop Toggles and Browse Faster.

    I had one problem when it frooze. I think it had to do with blocking a pop-up.

    Overall, I think I'm going to like it.

  7. darkrequiem

    darkrequiem Well-Known Member

    American Joe...No Skyfire is another in the list of browsers offered in the Android Market.
  8. AmericanJoe

    AmericanJoe Active Member

    Yes. The reviews for SkyFire are pretty passionate too. I meant to ask if "Google Chrome" was the stock browser. I should have clarified. Sorry for the confusion.

    I know I'm talking apples and oranges (peanuts and pecans?) here, but it would be interesting to see the reaction to an Android version of Internet Explorer. I'm just sayin'. :p

  9. darkrequiem

    darkrequiem Well-Known Member

    Google Chrome is another you can download from Android Market. It is not the stock one that comes with the phone, that one sucks! To be blunt on that...try them out and stick with the one you like!
  10. AmericanJoe

    AmericanJoe Active Member

    I'll check out that one too. Strange that Android's default browser isn't Chrome. Then again - maybe I'm trying to think logically. I've gotta stop that! :p
  11. AmericanJoe

    AmericanJoe Active Member

    I did some checking and there really isn’t a Chrome browser for Android. The Android "stock" browser is based on the open source project: WebKit. That’s the same thing browsers like Chrome, Safari and others are built on.

    If I read correctly, there may be additional browser features on newer versions of Android.

    There’s an August CNet article mentioning the convergence of WebKit and Chrome and how they are practically one.

  12. iffrett

    iffrett Well-Known Member

    i've been using miren since it came out but I think its an orphaned app now. I haven't seen an update in over half a year
  13. Android26

    Android26 Well-Known Member

    I used to use the pre-loaded browser, then I switched to Opera Mobile. I've been using that for about 6 months now.
  14. Italo

    Italo Well-Known Member

    I got my cappy within the first 2 weeks of it coming out, and I've been using Dolphin HD pretty much the whole time I've had the phone. I did try Dolphin mini for a bit, but found it wasn't much faster, and navigating the app menus/browsing/handling bookmarks wasn't as good as HD, so I switched back. I use firefox on PC, and Dolphin HD has a similar user experience (I have yet to try firefox for Android though). It's fast, stable, and I really like how it handles bookmarks and addons.
  15. jpark

    jpark Active Member

    I recently downloaded the Angel browser. Like it a lot.

    Most browsers say they will "access sensitive data logs", which I find unacceptable.

    I like firefox, but it won't let me automatically clear cache and history and it won't play flash files. In fact, most browsers won't play flash.

    Angel does not want to access sensitive data logs, it can be set to clear history and cache on exit and it does play flash files. It is fast and as capable as any of the other browsers I have tried.

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