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  1. yours_vinodh

    yours_vinodh New Member

    I'm new to Android as well as to this forum, but I am familiar with Windows based phones. I bought Galaxy CDMA pop phone. And I am not able to make a BSNL EVDO connection. I have entered username (9180******)and password(9180******) which is provided by BSNL and #777 as the PPP number in the APN settings but still I am not able to connect to internet. Usually in GSM connection, there will happen some hand shake with the network but even that is not happening, so please help me on this regards.


  2. roofrider

    roofrider Well-Known Member

    sri..i'm not able to help u with that.
    also not many users here have cdma pop
  3. Vignesh279

    Vignesh279 New Member

    Hi Is your EVDO Bsnl is working with your mobile now?

    your User name and password of BSNL EVDo card is last ten digit of the IMEI number of the device you are using.

    If you made the purchase of EVDO card from BSNL ,they would have set the last 10 digit IMEI number of the data card as your user name and password.

    You should contact the BSNL CSC to change the user name and password to the IMEI number of your SAmsung Mobile.

    Sorry If I am wrong.
    Please let me know whether your BSNL EVDO is working fine.



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