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BT Openzone ..connects but doesn't work

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  1. bus_ter

    bus_ter Member

    Apparently all 02 users with the unlimited internet/WIFI option should be able to connect to BT Openzone wifi spots for free.

    However whenever I go into a BT Openzone Hotspot my phone connects but there is no internet access. I have to disable the wifi on the phone to get the phone network internet working instead.

    I'm on an 02 contract with an HTC Desire (provided direct from 02)

  2. Gingerpose

    Gingerpose Active Member

    Have a read of the discussions on the same topic on the forums on o2's own website, there's loads of info there.
  3. Dongle

    Dongle New Member


    This is the situation in the UK. The thing is that if someone is using BT home hub, it shows as O2-UK Wi-fi (BTOpenzone) in your "connect to" -list. This is terribly misleading, but the bottom line is that you can't use your o2 internet dongle to access someone's home hub. You have to go to your o2 gadget that will appear on your desktop after connecting your dongle to your computer. There you have to click the tool icon and choose hotspot directory. Search there does your area actually have an O2-UK Wi-fi (BTOpenzone) or not. In my case, I discovered I do not have one, so I will return my dongle to the shop for money-back guarantee, as the whole plan was to use the O2-UK Wi-fi (BTOpenzone) and not pay for per kb. Shame that I wasted 10 pounds on one month's web access, this is smth I can't get refunded, only the 21 pound dongle. ...(Too bad I couldn't find help online, and the o2 phone that is advertized to be free but is not free of 8pence charge per min or smth, so I went to the shop, where I was told I should go tomorrow to another 02 store to see their technical guy, and from there I was forwarded to another 02 shop who was supposed to have a more knowledgeable technical guy who could help me, and from there I was asked to go back to the 2nd o2 store, but of course the guy was on a 1-hour lunch break by then, and then he finally came and he tried to make it work on my laptop, and it did, because the area has a O2-UK Wi-fi (BTOpenzone) connection, unlike my living area, so we discovered o2 or BT has to take cautions to change the misleading names for their WIFIs and that this is already a very common problem. Just too bad that it's not posted on troubleshooting on 02 website (well, actually there is a link that seems to refer to smth like this, but it hasn't been working for a week now)

    You can connect to O2-UK Wi-fi (BTOpenzone) but are then taken to OpenFon website upon connecting for log in and you cannot browse the web.
  4. Dongle

    Dongle New Member

    O2 and BT are useless and greedy service providers who haven't bothered to adress this problem for a year or more, and still don't want to do anything about it, as each one says it's the other one's fault

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