bTunes Music Player 1.6: The Best replacement music player hands down.

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  1. mudrock1000

    mudrock1000 Well-Known Member

    Now when it comes to the stock Android music player, it lacks many things, such as options, easy ways to control it, and it is just an all around eyesore. However, there have been very little options for people to use as far as a music player that appealed to the common man, especially when pit together with the HTC sense player, which is more integrated with the OS compared to the stock player. Most people don’t even know about music player apps because of how terrible the experience of using a phone as an mp3 player has been. However, there is a great alternate that is actually based on the iPhone music player interface called bTunes. bTunes is a great music player alternate for anyone needing a replacement for the standard music player. BTunes not only has an easy to use interface, but it is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye and much cleaner.
    As you can see, everything is displayed in a manner that makes it simple for anyone to use. The song is displayed in bold and the whole interface of the song is overlaid on the album artwork so everything isn’t cramped together like the stock player. It also includes the option for you to make gestures for such things as volume or next song in case you just don’t want to look too much to hit the next button.
    Just like the iPhone and somewhat like the stock player, everything is displayed in categories divided into playlists, (which are able to be created in the app) Artists, Songs, Albums, and Genres, so you can spend less time looking for what you want to listen to, and more time listening to it.
    One of the best features this player offers is the ability to search and download the album artwork for an album. Personally, I can not stand when I don’t have album artwork for a song, but many times the artwork isn’t included. With one button though, all of my troubles are cleared as long as the song is tagged correctly. It will find and download all images for any album that is missing artwork, so don’t worry if you have artwork for some of your albums, it won’t erase them if you choose not to.
    The widget is standard one row with basic music controls and song information. Many will enjoy this because it leaves more room for app shortcuts and other widgets. This is useful if you have your homescreens separated by category such as media music etc, because you can fit more useful things onto it.
    Now we get to a feature that most people would kill for in a music player…lockscreen controls. This is what truly makes this app a great app because no one wants to take out their phone, unlock it, pull down the notification bar and then switch songs. With this, you just hit the button to turn on your phone and instead of going straight to the lock screen, it goes to the controls. By hitting the button unlock it takes you back to your lockscreen in case you actually do need to unlock your phone. This is what makes this stand out from the rest because no other player has the features btunes offer, while still maintaining a user-friendly interface
    What this app will NOT do for you.
    -Equalizer settings. Unfortunately this will not allow you to change these features to Rock, Hip-Hop Jazz or adjust bass levels or anything like that.
    -Allow you to edit the information of a song. Now many people may just take the music out of itunes and put it on their device, but others may download it or receive it in an MMS.

    So what’s the verdict on this app? While it may have a few things that are missing that might detract from the listening experience itself (Which it really shouldn’t since no other players really do either) it certainly makes up for it in the wide variability in options and the polished user-interface. Do I recommend this player? Unless you use a device with HTC sense, highly. It will renew anyone’s faith in that a mobile phone can be used for music too. The developer also does listen to the comments and tries his best to make sure it is an enjoyable app. Unless you use a device with HTC sense, highly. It will renew anyone’s faith in that a mobile phone can be used for music too. The developer also does listen to the comments and tries his best to make sure it is an enjoyable thing. For a bargain price of $1.49, there really is no reason not to get it, and with 24 hour refunds there isn’t a reason for you not to try it. Of course after you try it, you’ll never want to stop using it.

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  2. mudrock1000

    mudrock1000 Well-Known Member

    This review has a reply. you now will all view it
  3. skimminstones

    skimminstones Well-Known Member

    I like this app, wish the home screen widget was better looking though. Something similar to the HTC Sense music widget would make this perfect.
  4. reggiesgone

    reggiesgone Member

    yea well... does it play my classic rock albums in order? imagine Dark Side of the Moon out of order? side 2 of Abbey Road? Tommy? are you all gone dead? is the way the freaking thing looks more important than the way it plays.

    boy it's sleek and sexy!!!!????? it's PERFECT!!
  5. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    Can't find it in the Market :(
  6. reggiesgone

    reggiesgone Member

    this site sucks...
  7. Teknologic

    Teknologic Well-Known Member

    NO U!

    Ontopic: anyone using this app experienced any buggyness with the lockscreen widget? It's a nice feat but often pops up with a few seconds delay and I've got a feeling its made my nexus crash once or twice when unlocking, locking again etc...
  8. jcmtyler

    jcmtyler Well-Known Member

    I occasionally see some lag on the lock screen widget, but it always comes up and has not bothered me yet. Once I updated to 2.2 FRF91 however bTunes lost all of my songs, until I realized that the music folder path apparently has changed. Before the update (Nexus One 2.1update1) I had the music folder set to "/sdcard/media/audio/music" and it worked like a champ. After the update (stock 2.2 FRF91) I had to change that to "/mnt/sdcard/media/audio/music/" before it would work. Only irritation now is that, post-update, the alignment of text in the songs and albums lists is all out of whack. I've sent the dev an email but have not received any response.
  9. K-Rizzle

    K-Rizzle Well-Known Member

    Not in the market :(
  10. bassjason

    bassjason Member

    Cool app thanks for the heads up on this one, love the lock screen!
  11. wintermute000

    wintermute000 Well-Known Member

    Slow and crashes for me. Good interface/design but engine needs work.
    Froyo on N1 (and its still laggy!!!)
  12. Connectz

    Connectz Well-Known Member

    Great review! Its my music app of choice! I just hope the dev adds a good EQ and a ringtone maker and it'll be the best music app on the market by far...
  13. ackoolness

    ackoolness Well-Known Member

    does the lockscreen also come with the time/date/alarm?

    im looking for a music player with lockscreen controls that doesnt take the time/date/alarm notices off.
  14. Brian360

    Brian360 Well-Known Member

    I prefer Lithium Music player.

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