Bubble Shooter

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  1. eloy

    eloy Member

    I tried 10 different versions on my S2 but most suck. Does anyone know a good version? Similar to this

  2. Gee1

    Gee1 New Member

    HIya, yes, its actually called "Bubble Shooter" by Cool Mango and its free on Google Play :) Love it,its my fav game
  3. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    Ive got this game on my phone, too!. It's a nice little time killer when you're sitting in a long line at Portillo's drive-through waiting on a cheeseburger and cheesy fries. :p
  4. cocgem

    cocgem New Member

    Long ago in the land of Lemuria, The Dark Lord and his minions took over the nine Crystal Castles, spreading fear and allowing evil to roam free across the land.

    You are chosen by the Goddess Freyja to defeat the Dark Lord, and reclaim all Nine Crystal Castles under his dominion. You will need to strengthen your units, expand your territory, create guilds with fellow lords, and attack the Dark Lord to reclaim Lemuria.

    Important Note: Kingdom Corps Moba Coin

    1. Requirments: Please fill in your correct Mobage Account, Password and Charcter Name to guarantee quick delivery.

    2. How to work: We need to log in game with your correct information and complete purchase for you.

    3. This item is ONLY available for Android.

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