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  1. abugarcias

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    So I recently got a set of screen protectors and put one on. All was well just noticed a few bubbles and so I tried to work them out. They weren't going away, so I figured I would try again so I removed it and to my astonishment the bubbles were still there. It's like they formed under the screen somehow when I put the protector on, they were absolutely not there before. There are 2 in the center of the screen and a few along the edges. At first I just thought it was a water spot but I cannot wipe them off. The ones on the edge of the screen I can "push out" to the edge to almost make them disappear. When you touch them with the pads of your fingers you can feel a slight "bump" in the screen (very minute but still there). They bubbles are easily visible when the screen is off and almost go away when the screen is on but you can still tell they are there.

    Is this a defect in the phone or did I cause this trying to install the protector? I didn't push down hard on the screen, just applied the protector and they appeared.

    Thanks for the help.

  2. mxsjw

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  3. abugarcias

    abugarcias Member

    Well I'm an idiot. After further examination of the phone I peeled off the top layer of the screen protector. The actual protector was so thin and lined up perfectly that it was actually on the phone...ehhhh.

    Here goes try #2....

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