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Budget App request

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  1. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    Can you develop an app for budget(monthly as well as yearly) which will have all the things like projected furture expenses and also recurring and many other features and should have a calender interface and while we are on a date it should show what i consist. And the app should be also capable for having d widget and also notification and alarm settings too.

    I have tried all the application available in Play store but they all miss one or the other feature so posting a request here.

  2. 66tricks

    66tricks Member

    Hi, sounds feasible, what were the other apps that you looked at?
  3. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    I have tried many apps like expense tracker expense manager expense calender and many more but not satisfied i need an app which has a calender UI i mean the default view where at the opening of the app i will get to know my projected budget view of that month but scrolling to dates marked in different color and get a pop on it with the information the date has in it and after that i can have all the stuff like preparing buget for the month, year and so on... and have the recurring option and also catagories and export to excel and also many many more stuff Haan i should get the notification and also the alarm when the set activity date arrives so that i should never miss any loan payment or else if i dont have funds in my account then i can set the alarm 1 day prior to get to know that tomorrow will be my loan payment date so i can transfer the money in my account. I need the Indain currency symbol also to be in it with all other currencies. And many more stuff i think you came to know what i want atleast you may have got the idea of the app.

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