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Budget apps.

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  1. Miss Spicy McHaggis

    Miss Spicy McHaggis Well-Known Member

    i really want a budget application my phone (i wish used bank of america haha) and i've installed dgMoney and Personal Budget Droid.

    am i doing something wrong?neither of them seem to let me put a starting balance in there. am i thinking of the wrong application?

  2. shivers316

    shivers316 Godmember VIP Member

    I installed dg. For your first transaction just put a deposit for your balance.
  3. Miss Spicy McHaggis

    Miss Spicy McHaggis Well-Known Member

    oh..awesome! thank you!
  4. kurrupt_1

    kurrupt_1 New Member

    That's what I did and just start entering the transactions as you go. Not bad for making a quick record but I would like to see something like Ascendo Money for Andriod!
  5. shivers316

    shivers316 Godmember VIP Member

    Ascendo is nice and so is Bankarama
  6. kaze0

    kaze0 Active Member


    I'm one of the lead developers on dgMoney. Glad to see that everyone is finding some use for the software.

    Entering a transaction is exactly the way around the lack of starting balance option. Leaving that feature off was a decision made to simplify the usability of the software. Of course, without providing a user manual, some of that perceived simplicity causes problems. Integrated help is being work on. Do you guys have any suggestions or questions about the usability?

    One of the big problems we've noticed in the reviews of the current version, is that quite a few people, are not aware of how to delete an item from the registry. Do you know how?

    I think everyone is going to be excited about the next major release.

    dgMoney 1.1.0 will have;
    Searching a registry
    A few new fields for items
    Simple QIF importing and exporting (If you have any data that you wouldn't mind sharing in QIF format, please let me know, so that we can fully test these features)
    Multiple accounts
    Improved user interface

    Expect to be extremely satisfied with performance. We've already tested thousands of entries with no problems.

  7. Plaguester

    Plaguester Member

    Are any of you familiar with Buxfer.com? It automatically syncs with your bank transactions and allows you to keep track of multiple accounts, set/view budgets, analyze and tag expenses, and a whole lot more. I'm already working on an app for android that will interface with their API (screens at my blog).
  8. socrates

    socrates New Member

    Check out Ca$hFlo, under Finance, for keeping track of spending.
  9. ucar

    ucar New Member

    Hi Mike,

    I like your app very much and I choose it as my expense tracker.
    (I use version 1.1.5 from the Android Market)

    I have several suggestions for you:

    on Add Item - amount field doesn't rise software keyboard
    (it would be nice, if it rise sw keybord with numbers only, it would be much faster to enter correct values)

    export to QIF function is very useful for me, and was the reason to choose dgMoney. It would be nice if it be able to export data from the last export or from the selected date (or similar)

    if I would like to import exported data to GNUCash I always have to add first line to the exported file. Usually in the !Type:Cash form.

    Thank you for working on such an interesting and useful peace of software.:)


  10. kizer

    kizer Active Member

    I personally use loot
  11. droidexplorer

    droidexplorer Member

    Try EasyMoney? It allows you to put your own starting balance, budget for each category if you want, has monthly income & expense reports, a bill reminder and many other features. I'm using it and that's how I know about its features;)

    Here's a video of EasyMoney... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agA97sk0Z9Y
  12. bnob

    bnob New Member

    Easy money looks really good. I just wish there was a desktop version. I'm currently using YNAB and its lacking an Android version. Can't seem to find anything that meets both needs. If anyone has any other options or suggestions let me know.
  13. kdphi_uh

    kdphi_uh New Member

    Is there any budget app that will sync mobile-to-mobile or to a desktop application? I tried SplashMoney but their Droid app doesn't have the budgeting feature.
  14. cyu

    cyu New Member

    Hi, I'm part of the Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA) team. EEBA syncs 2+ devices and also to the web application. It's based on the envelope budgeting system. I'd love for you to check it out and see what you think!

    You can find us at www.eebacanhelp.com or


    APPSONGO New Member

    BudgIT, makes your financial life simpler by taking care of the complex tasks of tracking all your expenses and incomes. You can create budgets with a definite cycle time and amount and track the budget cycle over different periods. It includes rollover feature with reminders for recurring transactions and provides graphical reports and exporting data to device.

    We would like you to try BudgIT and share your experience.

    To know more about us logon to http://www.xoriant.com

  16. theappguys

    theappguys New Member

    now for the

    iPhone and the Web

    and you can sync between all of them from different devices.

    We are offering a free month on the web version when you try the app.

    www. mybudget-planner .com

    happy budgeting
  17. HaGDroid

    HaGDroid New Member

    Hi I'm part of the Droid Money team,

    You should try it, it's brand new and really easy. It makes it really fast to enter your transactions and setup initial balance.
    We are currently working on adding a sync feature between multiple Android devices.

    You can visit our website http://sites.google.com/site/hagdroid/


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