[BUG] Bluetooth Music After Phone Call (Replicatable)

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  1. jdmba

    jdmba Well-Known Member

    I suspect this bug may be deeper than Virtuous but just in case ...

    ... If I make or get a phone call over bluetooth, the only way to get music to resume through bluetooth, is to disable and reenable bluetooth (a reboot works as well).

    I thought this was PowerAMP but the author asked me to check vs another player, and when I checked my phone to do just that, I noticed it was Meridian anyway.


  2. anicotra

    anicotra Well-Known Member

    I stream slacker over bt. When I get a call, slacker pauses. When the call is ended, slacker resumes on it's own.

    Only problem I have is when I initiate a bt call while streaming. The audio is not paused before prompting who to call, so I have to manually pause before initiating a call. However, I think this is an android issue, and not related to any one rom.
  3. jdmba

    jdmba Well-Known Member

    There are many threads devoted to your issue. Your issue is not this issue, however.

    Again, if anyone has experience with why the phone (not a SPECIFIC music program) will not transmit the music (but otherwise is controlled by the bluetooth) after making a phone call, please speak up. Thanks!
  4. lonestarhd

    lonestarhd New Member

    I have tried different players and different bluetooth headsets, same problem.
    My phone is G2.

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