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  1. zygd

    zygd Member

    Hello. I am a newbe considering smartphones and android and have a problem with phone book. I don't really know if the problem exist only on GT-S5360 or on all Android Gingerbread 2.3.6. The problem/bug concerns "pause" and "wait" signal. On the first look entries in phone book with the number with wait or pause signal looks ok (example: +48441231231,100) but when i tap the contact to dial, dialing window doesn't display name (normally it displays name and below it displays the number), and in history tab, these contacts are displaying only by number (normally name and number). The name field is just empty. I haven't rooted the phone and I don't intend. Is some known workaround for it, or should I install alternative phone book? I don't have many contacts with pause signal but it annoys me so much, so stupid behaviour of my new phone.

  2. It's not default phone book, go to setting>privacy>Factory data reset then try to store. if any new problem let me know.
  3. zygd

    zygd Member

    If I do this, I will lost all my data, I don't know what is worse, not to display a name of contact in dial history list or dialing window or lost my data. I think also that pause and wait issue can be due to regional setting which in my case is not english. This is almost a new phone, never used before and configured to my needs. I will attach some screenshots to show what is burdening me.
  4. androidtester3

    androidtester3 Active Member

    Yes, you are right ..then go to settings, look for
  5. zygd

    zygd Member

    Factory reset didn't help. Phone book works the same way as before. I think that it is stock phone book application behaviour. Can I install some other application which can be stock phone book replecement? But I am still gaining experience in recovery data.

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