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  1. chipist

    chipist Member

    I have started this thread so we can share all bugs and solutions. If you have a problem, post it and hopefully someone will reply with a fix.

    Here are a list of bugs that I am aware of

    1) Phone from Etotalk/Etowalk comes with an etotalk google account already entered.

    Solution : Settings -> Privacy Settings -> Factory data reset. Then reboot and enter your own account. This does NOT remove any apps.

    2) SMS messaging not working.

    Solution : At first mine did not work at all. So I removed the messaging app from home screen then put it back again and it worked OK (not a reinstall, just removed icon then put it back)

    3) SMS messaging showing phone number instead of contact.

    Solution : Add 2 numbers for each contact, 1 without international code and 1 with. There may be a better solution, I hope someone can provide more info

    4) You need to switch mobile data off to use wifi, and vice versa.

    Solution : ?
    On other android phones this switches automatically, can it be done on the U960?

    5) Get random freezes which can only be fixed by removing battery.

    Solution : ?

    I think this means I need to install a new ROM and baseband images, are the later ones more stable or do they still ahve the odd freeze?

    6) Flash player does not work, or if it does I have not seen it work! Every time I go on a site and try to play a flash video the browser crashes, either stock browser or Dolphin HD. I have not tried to reinstall this yet, I will try soon and report back unless someone provides solution before I get chance...(on 64kb per sec data at the moment until start of next month with no wifi access)

    Solution : ?

    7) Bluetooth a bit quirky. Need to unpair then pair with my headphones sometimes to get a connection. Also will not talk to in car bluetooth to FM radio kit. This is only a Mono bluetooth device that I wish to play music/radio through on the car stereo (it is NOT A2DP). I used an app before called BTMono but this does not work on U960. (I should state my old phone was an HTC Hero with a variation of cyanogenmod android 2.2...)

    Solution : Me stop being a tight was and buy an A2DP car kit!

    8) T-Mobile Germany SIM will not auto connect when back in Germany, I always have to select from a list of networks it finds from

    settings -> wirless and networks -> mobile networks -> SIM2 network operators.

    My Orange UK SIM in SIM1 has no such problems.

    Solution : ?

    A couple of links worth checking out:
    General Android Phone FAQ's
    Android Forums FAQ
    What is rooted/does being rooted mean?

    Please feel free to add more problems/solutions to this post!

    I am on the original ROM provided by EtoTalk,
    Android 2.3.5
    Baseband Version U960V1.0.1B08T
    SIM2 Baseband Version U960V1.0.1B08W
    Kernel Version
    Build number etotalk.com mod v.13

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Very young device area, but liekly to become busy with new threads over time, so I labeled this "tips" and made it a sticky so it stays at the top as this device forum grows. :)
  3. catty62

    catty62 Well-Known Member

    If you want test the my rom and see if some problem are solved ... http://androidforums.com/4133851-post98.html ;)
  4. chipist

    chipist Member

    Thanks, I will try it when I get chance, which may be a few days away!

    Another problem,

    9) Wired headphones too quiet, can hardly hear online radio through them for instance. No problem when using my bluetooth headphones though. I downloaded the service codes doc you posted, but did not see a way to boost the headphone volume.

    Solution : ?
  5. Domin6

    Domin6 Active Member

    My device came without the problems described in 1, 2 and 4.
    Number 6 flashplayer is installed but do not work, it just says please install flash player when visiting a page using flash, as i am a new android user i have yet to figure out how to remove and add flash again to the device (it needs updating anyways)

  6. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    This is definitely fixed on the latest rom posted by catty

    I've always used opera mobile and flash works perfectly, no matter if updated or not.

    Very likely this is fixed on the baseband I published on the other thread, that already fixed a couple of problems with Italian vodafone SIMs
  7. zteu960

    zteu960 Active Member

    I found my way to this forum via the chinamobiles forum...

    since having the zte u960 for 2 weeks (from etotalk) I am quite happy with it except for a few bugs as mentioned in post#1

    but unfortunately the opera mobile browser does not help to play flash videos...

    does the catty ROM also come with a pre-installed flash player?
  8. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    yes it's preinstalled, but even if it wasn't was not a problem, as it's available on the market.

    Unlike on cheap clones there isn't any special trick to install the flash player
  9. zteu960

    zteu960 Active Member

    yes, but the pre-installed version is not updateable through the market
    and neither it's deletable...
    that's why I was asking.
  10. catty62

    catty62 Well-Known Member

    in my rom there is the Adobe_Flash_Player_11.1.111.5.apk preinstalled ...
  11. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    Why not ?

    If the phone is rooted is deletable as any other system apk.
  12. zteu960

    zteu960 Active Member

    when I try to update it, play store syas something like:
    "update can't be installed.... wrong singnature... uninstall previous version..."

    when I go to the root explorer in system/app where I find a flashplayer.apk and try to delete it, it says:"flashplayer.apk can't be deleted"
  13. zteu960

    zteu960 Active Member

    ok, now with rooetxplorer I managed to delete the flashplayer.apk but still play store says wrong version... can't install, when I try to install flashplayer via the store
  14. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    What is your current rom? I never had this problem even with the first roms from etotalk.

    Anyway updating the phone to the last Catty's ROM is strongly suggested, no matter if flash player is working or not.
  15. zteu960

    zteu960 Active Member

    yes, i believe i shouldn't waist too much time on this and try a different rom...

    but in a few days there will be the ICS release from etotalk...

    anyway... how is this working with the backup (e.g. titanium backup)... when i create a backup with titanium and make a rom-update does that save my apps?
    or are the apps on my sd-card untouched anyhow and need to be reinstalled?

    ps my rom is etotalk 1.5e
  16. zteu960

    zteu960 Active Member

    solved it:

    - open the app rootexplorer and search for "flash"
    - delete all files found with the term flashplayer in the name

    after this I was able to normally install the flash player via the playstore
    and now i can watch flash-videos using the standard web browser
  17. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    Likely the guys from etotalk decompiled and recompiled the flashplayer apk, then they signed it with their own signature, so the upgraded files was refused because the different signature.

    titanum backup has an option to properly uninstall the system applications, and has also an option to delete the orphaned files when an apk is "brutally" deleted with a filemanager.
  18. zteu960

    zteu960 Active Member

    :eek:would have been easier if I'd known that app before...

    ...it's my first android-phone...
  19. catty62

    catty62 Well-Known Member

    that is not my rom... try my rom and install the update and see if it is not working ...
    zteu960 likes this.
  20. zteu960

    zteu960 Active Member

    yes I know. I just meant maybe I should wait for etotalks ICS rom... before chaning anything... because I just found out yesterday about the existence of the app titanium backup and sofar have no clue how to make a "rerollable" backup before flashing the rom.

    btw. is difficult to create your own rom?
    what tools are needed?
    what skills are necessary? -programming skills?
  21. nothingman76

    nothingman76 Well-Known Member

    Are you sure that eToTalk will release an ICS Rom soon ?
    I don't think so... It's an hard work to do...
  22. zteu960

    zteu960 Active Member

    It is claimed by a user in the chinamobiles forum who is some kind of "pre-tester" of etotalk in the "german market"... he said he'll get provided with the rom soon (soon like within a week); that was on 18.04.2012... then he'll test the rom before distributing it in the forum....
  23. nothingman76

    nothingman76 Well-Known Member

    Good! I was skeptical because usually on eToTalk you find aswer not very true... But probabilly the guy of chinamobile is more reliable... :)
  24. catty62

    catty62 Well-Known Member

    good news so I'm waiting for news from you when is release the new ICS rom ... :)
  25. The Solutor

    The Solutor Well-Known Member

    malshenzu is down, but I saw an alpha ICS rom for the ZTE V889 (which has a reasonably similar architecture), maybe they think to reuse the work done for that phone.

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